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  • Thanks Alli! It was nice to see a movie filed in Monsey. Life in Monsey.. The hospital where our youngest son was born, the streets, the schools, the Yiddish! Yes Yiddish is huge in Monsey. I did not happen to see any ladies in the film, which given that it was produced for and by extremely religious Yidden, is not a suprise. But since it seems it was made for internal consumption mostly, and not for best foreign language film entry into the oscars, it may be excused (or maybe not.) But the trailers leave me thinking, why don’t they tell what the story is about? Not that I am such a maven mind you, but usually a trailor is supposed to tell you about the story that will be told in the movie. This trailor leaves you hanging … for a message, a call, an anything.

    Hello? Vus in di velt iz dayne film vegen? Farvus host du gemacht azoy frumishe film? Hot zey nisht ongepasht [my favorite yiddish word] a shtikl narishkeit un goyishkeiyt mit di helige shtodt Monsey? Nu, ich been kayne kritik, ober, fun di trailor, du bist kayne Usphpizin!

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