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Jew watcher!As promised, Jew Watch is the recipient of a HSOTW award. Jew Watch is created and maintained by Frank Weltner, who, according to the top of the homepage, is an “M.A. English & Certified Librarian”. Why he is tracking and lying about Jews rather than expounding and interpreting the works of, say, James Joyce is totally and completely beyond the Muffti’s comprehension. But he is and Jew Watch is one of the fruits of his efforts.

Jew Watch has a bit of a history: in 2004 it was listed as #1 on Google if you were to input ‘jew’ into the search function. Needless to say, some people found this to be a bit of a problem. Campaigns were started, and today if you search Google for jew you get, well, Jew Watch. Muffti himself thinks that this is all a lot of nonsense; the site was up there at #1 for a few years. Did bridges fall? Cats sleep with dogs? But anyhow, digression over. Jew Watch is a site that claims not to be a hate site and so would probably reject this award:

Jew Watch is a Not-For-Profit Library for private study, scholarship, or research.
This is NOT a hate site. This is a scholarly research archive of articles. We Achieved 5 Million Hits Last Year.

What kind of ‘scholarly’ research can you find here? Well, at its lowest point you can find the ‘scholarly’ work The International Jew by Henry Ford, bit of Mein Kampf, an article on Julius Streicher, editor of Der Sturm. All extremely scholarly work. The rest of the site runs in a similar vein. You can find out how it was really the Jews who were responsible for Stalin’s starving of the Ukraine, How the JDL declared ‘war’ on Christianity (when Foxman raised some doubts about the evangelicals taking power in America. inflamatoryScholarly writing, let me tell you!), The Missing Holocaust – an article about how the Holocaust never happened, in which such ‘scholars’ as Iran’s own Amhadineajad gets a quote. Muffti would say more but really, go see for yourself. The volume of material is enormous and if there is anything scholary you can find within it, good luck.

Jew Watch is an amazing testament to what you can achieve if you are completely obssessed with another people and engrossed in archiving every nasty thing ever written about them. It is also a wonderful example of masking your hatred by calling yourself ‘scholarly’. Another cutesy thing is that Weltner backs up what Laya wrote a little while ago about Jews being invovled in last century social change groups. In a section called ‘Jewish Mind Control’ (for those of you who don’t know it, that’s a ‘scholarly’ title for a section), there is a long list of things that Jews have used to control minds, including: Judaism
Marxism, Socialism, Communism, Anarchism, Liberalism, Unionism, Civil Rights, Feminism, Homosexuality, Freudianism, and even Atheism! (Muffti did NOT get special mention under this last category, despite his constant attempts to control your mind through not-believing in Hashm!) The latter is funny: there is a list of quotes from Einstein that point to his belief in God being at best ambiguous because you could reinterpret ‘God’ in such famous quotes as ‘God doesn’t play dice…’ as really being about the laws of nature rather than some big man in the sky kinda guy. Go look and laugh at the ineptitude. Or cry. It’s up to you.

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  • G-D Mufti, your too funny and witty not to believe in G-D. I mean seriously enough of your philosophical whimsical wishy washyness. Man, Philosophy majors……..

  • Yeah, Muffti’s good friend Kenny suggested a Jew-Watch Watch site. But then Muffti wondered, who will watch the Jew-watch watch?


    Anyhow, in case y’all want to know, the Muffti is northern Cali near San Fran at his last job flyout. The action takes place on Monday so wish him luck! Any Jewlicious types that want to buy him a drink Monday night are hereby invited to get in touch with him ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jew watch?? Its hate website……Watch out mufti they will add your name there….Those anti-semetics are crazy motherfuckers….There spy for neo-nazis…Ok i gotta admit i really hate them too.

  • Go for it, the unknown. They’d probably add your name too, if they knew what it was! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Middle, nice illustration of the parts-to-whole fallacy that Jew Watch is clearly guilty of, at least by their insinuations. Muffti actually uses this sort of thing to explain that fallacy in his class. We may as well just put up a web site called ‘Christian Watch’ and put down some of the bad things that Christians have done: suppressed free speech since they had the power to do so, signed concords with nazis, made ridiculous web sites like ‘Jew Watch’…the list just goes on and on. Wacky christians! or is it ‘whacky’?

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