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The Muff, trying to provide the best in weak hate sites, brings you a bunch of despicable people devoted to the perversion of Christian ideals. Not surprisingly, they are called ‘the Christian Party’ though Muffti can find very little that is Christian about them at all. These shameful weaklings are guilty of many online crimes, both artistic and intellectual: their arguments are shameful, their critical abilities heavily suspect (they blithely correlate the murder rate rising with the year that Supreme court banished prayer is school!), their site design is bizarre (they have links on the left, but the rest of the site can only be accessed by antiquaited ‘back’ and ‘forward’ arrows) and Muffti’s dead great-grandmother could provide better graphics and design (witness their logo below!)

The most shameful thing about the CP site is their tendency to make their ‘arguments’ by tossing tons of irrelevant text at you. Someone must tell them at some point that 1000 bad arguments do not add up to a good argument. The example mentioned above is instructive: they actually cite a raw number for increase in traffic fatalities as an attempt to ‘prove’ that banning prayer in school is wrong. They cite the number of female judges rising from 0 to 23% as a bad thing that can be blamed on prayerless schools. The list goes on and it’s mindboggling. But this is just one page, representative as it may be. The Christian party site goes on to suggests that there is ‘scientific’ evidence that women cannot do physics of math (0%). Remember how Muffti mentioned the correlation of murder rate and banning prayer in school? The same stat re-emerges, this time as a condemnation of feminism! After citing many irrelevant facts, they finally have the audacity to ask (in big, blue letters):

What is wrong with American men today that they don’t see the tragedies set in motion by giving women legal rights?


There’s more; Muffti will simply give his reader a taste and then move on. They have a poll on their site asking whether or not you support exiling blacks from america and proudly state that:

More than 6,000 have now taken the poll, 90% agree with exiling blacks!!

What a fucking surprise! If you are the kind of guy who like to read this site, you probably correlate well being a racist! Great discovery, Christian Party! In case you don’t find this plausible, they include comments from people who took the poll. Read ’em and weep:

We must in order to fulfill His prophecy.
I believe We Anglo-Saxons are God’s true
chosen people and America should be ours.

We [South Africans] provided medicine to stop their dying like animals.What happened? You STUPID white Yanks believed the Jewish propaganda against our Apartheid system, which was designed to provide self-rule to them, in order to uphold Yahveh’s order system. Also, you sent Aryan-race CHURCHMEN to South Africa to usurp Yah’s laws and order.

I believe poverty is a big part of crime. If its the lifestyle you choose and you can get away with it with organizations that sponsor it(NAACP) then I guess some would say you have it made. Whites need to stop being so damn afraid to say the wrong thing and start standing up to it be PROUD TO BE WHITE. Lifes not going to get any easier till the muds swept off the streets

The really funny thing is that they go out of their way to justify the results as accurate:

A drill down tool enables us to gather quite a bit of information about each isp address. It also tells us that 10,000 people view this page each day, and that 95% of those who’ve taken the poll never visited the site before. Visitors to the site find the poll through any number of search engines, with Google being the one with the most number of hits. Following is an example of the the top 52 key words people searched for on Google, along with the number of times each word was searched, and its percentage of the total number of search words.

What they don’t tell you is that anyone who is likely to actually take a poll that has as a premise that Blacks should be exiled from America are more likely to answer ‘yes’ than anyone else. In fact, Muffti has a great idea: everyone who reads this post should go to http://christianparty.net/pollexilingblacks.htm and take the poll. Only 6000 have taken it so far: why don’t we reverse their numbers and then throw back all they have to say about the accuracy of internet polls right back in their faces.

One or two more quotes from the CP and then Muffti shall retire and enjoy the rest of his sabbath. (A particularly drunken game of strip hearts the night before has left him a bit tired.) Not surprisingly, The CP don’t really care for Jews, and they feel they are in good company, especially when it comes to the talmud:

Jesus Christ, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Adolf Hitler himself, Louis IX, Pope Julius III, Pope Clement VIII, other popes, the Frankists, Martin Luther, Alexander McClellan, Peter Styvesant, Martin Luther, the Queen of Hungary, Kaiser Wilhelm II, Mark Twain, George Bernard Shaw, Colonel Farrell, Charles Lindbergh, Louis Farrakhan, Henry Wallace, in complete agreement about ONE thing: The Talmud STINKS!

This is just too much for Muffti to handle: a bunch of racists list Louis Farrakhan as a credible source with which they stand in complete agreement?!? Oh well. Not surprisingly, they consider the holocaust a hoax:

Many White men have been imprisoned, tortured, persecuted, harassed, prosecuted, and murdered for simply speaking the truths you will read in the following statistical analysis of the FACTS which are right at the fingertips of 295 million Americans and a billion Whites worldwide. The REAL criminals, the ones who must now pay reparations to the WHITE men who simply spoke the truth, are the jews who used OUR own laws against our OWN people, simply to enrich themselves in a multi-billion holocaust industry of unfathomable proportions.

Read on and you will find much in the way of ‘facts’ about numbers before and after the war, etc.

What is their goal? A christian america devoid of blacks and jews (and probably gays, Muffti can only imagine) where women have no rights whatsoever. And that’s what earns them the hate site of the weak award.

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  • So I took the quiz… or i tried… my loud reatching forced me to stop, but not before i noticed my favorite part… Which group is at fault for murders in LA, Blacks or Hispanics… it’s kind of like asking whether i’d rather be stabbed or shot – the answer is no.

    Well… the answer is stabbed, but you get what i’m saying.

  • I just took the quiz…easiest quiz ever…just check “strongly disagree.”

    I wish this question had been on there:
    “I believe American test scores could be raised by exiling stupid, racist, redneck crackers West Virginia.”
    I could have then been able to check the circle marked “strongly agree.”

    I get such a kick out of Hate Sites of the Week! Thanks mufti!

    It’d be funny if these people weren’t serious!

  • My favorite line from the quiz:
    ” I believe that exiling all blacks would reduce the percentage of the lawyers in the world who are in the US from 70% to at most 40% the first year.”

  • heh, Josh, that is pretty funny. Hate research isn’t all scary; sometimes it’s downright hilarious. Good call Kelsey and Jessica, Muffti hates to say it but its partly funny (and sad) BECA– USE they are serious.

  • It takes a modicum of talent to be a good hater, as this site rather pathetically demonstrates. (In mitigation, however, it’s really funny.)

  • I mean, “Adolph Hitler himself”– not acting through a spokesman, or an anonymous leak in Der Sturmer!!

    And has the Queen of Hungary been contacted for comment?

  • I tried to read the site, but I couldn’t because there were all these things called “numbers” and because I’m just a girl and all, it’s too hard for me to understand. Boy, it’s a good thing I don’t vote or own property!


  • Ahhh this kinda thing makes me laugh especially the “Anglo-Saxon” part which is what? One group (the dominate one) of people from England (NOT Scotland or France or Germany (apart from Saxonay which gave the Saxon part) just England and loads of the buggers are (drum roll) Jewish like me…