To market to market to buy some fresh figs?

did someone ring?Finally, I made it back to Israel. Six weeks and three continents are just too much. I never want to leave my apartment again. Or at least not until I get some sleep.

Still, I have to say, every time I fly back into Israel, into our brand new, state of the art gorgeous airport, I can’t help but miss the old brown and dimly lit one. Remember stepping off the plane onto the stair car and getting that rush as you inhaled the Israeli air? And the little buses that took you to the “Welcome to Israel” sign on the main building? It was so quaint. I also think the old airport prepared you so much more for the rinky-dink nature of the rest of the country. The new one deceives you into thinking that the rest of your time here will run that smoothly and have such nice high ceilings.

mum's the word Nonetheless I’m happy to report that the Jewlicious plot for world domination is coming along nicely. Here’s ck plotting to storm the gates of Buckingham Palace later, while I am slowly taking over English communications and media, starting with public telephones, of course. We’ll get back at them for almost single handedly and irrevocably f*cking up the Middle East for us all. Mandate THAT Britain! After all, L is for Layover, and CK is for…uhh…

In any case, it is so good to be back.

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  • May the rest of the country follow suit and blend in with the newness of the airport. Hope that RWK and the rest of the city are welcoming you appropriately. My goals for the next few days include not going to the Lower East Side every other night. Sleep will have to wait. At least for me…

  • LOL I think you spend more time out of than in Israel. Lots of people would sign up for that. The new airport is much better, more stores, places to leave your last shekels, 2 shules,much better.

  • Laya: I totally agree with you. The first breath of sweet Israeli air (despite the jet engine exhaust… work with me people! I’m trying to wax poetic! ), your first steps on Eretz Yisrael (under the tarmac… work with me…), the sign… sigh.

    And my favorite part? Walking into that huge room for “Arrivals”, and seeing hundreds of Jewish eyeballs looking at you, with your loved ones waiting to greet you. 🙂 It just seemed so much more personal and communal to have a huge crowd of your people there, all sharing in the experience of greeting their loved ones. Like a minyan, of some sort. Not impersonal like other airports.

    Thank goodness my cousin is a giant! So much easier to find my family in the crowd. 🙂

  • that’s why I love Alli’s posts. she is more immersed in Israel. she is always there. That is how I was, there for 8 years w/out leaving once.

    It’s not that I don’t see your point, but Israel but i love it when Israel improves. I remember when there was no soft toilet paper for example, or when milk came in plastic bags,do you want to go back to that? or when people would open the cottage cheese and smell, yeah the old timers still do that occassionally, don’t miss that.

  • Yeah, leaving Israel and helping diasporah Jews have postive Jewish experiences makes for one bad Zionist. Leaving and making money to support both yourself and others living in the land. Feh. It’s not leaving at all that matters!

    Hmm, either your being narrow minded, or I should turn in my Zionist card.

  • What, like people don’t smell Israeli dairy products every time they open them now? Come on, Israeli dairy seems to have an average shelf-life of about five days, and because they’re not as processed as the American kind, they always smell at least a little weird.

    And hey, Laya is a good Zionist. She supports herself and pays her taxes, which puts her ahead of an awful lot of Americans here.

  • Hey, I’m headed your way around March 30th, and I was wondering if anyone knows of an apartment I can rent for 5 nights. Everything around there is booked up for Pesach, and I really need a place to crash. I’ll be bringing along the sweetest 2 year old EVER, and she’s totally nice and quiet and doesn’t mess with things that are not hers. Will pay cash for accomodations in Jerusalem!

    [email protected]

    Toda Rabbah!

  • I said LOL ya dufusses. I simply admire MORE the one who stays there at all times. Dude, I wish I could be in your shoes… but am stuck over here w/ marriage, children and all that stuff.

    I do at least visit once or twice a year, unlike some of our Jewlicious editors, ahem.

  • about the new airport, there are much more comfortable seats in the departure area. in front of the fruit stand. see the girl pitching oranges onto the juicer machine…take one last delicious Israeli Pomegranite juice w/ you.

    better and more seats upstairs also. This is important for the type of travel i do, only a few days at a shot, stop over in Europe, always tired.