I love that crazy bitch!

You better love her too or she’ll … dang yo, don’t even ask. Thanks for the tip Grandmaster E and Popsugar. What? Why do I need hat tips? Because I am too busy doing cool stuff motzei shabbat to be sitting on my ass watching SNL. Even Grandmaster E and Popsugar were too busy to watch. Sheesh.

Note: The vids on YouTube were yanked, so go directly to the NBC site to see the video. Unless you have a Mac – definitely not Mac friendly those NBC people …

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  • Am I the only one who thought she looked a LOT like Keira Knightely in this video?

    Maybe this just occurred to me because Keira plays a similar character in the movie “Domino” (which like everyone else I didn’t actually bother to see).

    OK, you can easily tell them apart but I bet they could do stunt doubles for each other or somethin.

    Anyway, Kol hakavod on this video Natalie, you scared me straight, I definitely won’t mess with you!

  • hehehe…Muffti liked it most when she ripped of NWA in the middle. NWA:

    (Easy E):
    And all you bitches, you know I’m talking to you
    We wanna fuck you EZ!
    (Easy E)
    I wanna fuck you too!

  • that’s seriously the funniest skit I’ve seen from SNL. Ever.

    In other news, I think I actually like Natalie Portman again now.

  • i watched the whole show, it was pretty awful. that skit was amusing though. i really don’t see the Keira Knightley comparison, but apparently she played the Amidala decoy (whatever that means) in Star Wars and when both Keira and Natalie were in makeup, their mothers couldn’t tell them apart.

  • Thank you, Ofri. You’re 100 percent right about the Amadala decoy.

    I do need to ask why my new gangsta nick is Grandmaster E and not Easy E. Oh wait–I just figured it out.

  • mmm. yeah. u-tube ain’t carrying it anymore, ’cause of “copyright issues.” as if NBC.com is carrying it?
    it’s also playing here, for those who can’t find it on youtube.

  • OK, why can’t I get it to play… it just keeps loading.

    BTW, I thought that Keira was Natalie Portman in the Pirates of the Carabien (sp?) After the movie was over I found out it wasn’t her and I was totally confused.