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  • Steps to becoming wealthy:

    Step 1: Purchase a Costco helping of Dixie cups
    Step 2: Collect semen
    Step 3: PROFIT!

  • I was thinking about that. I think that it would be allowed because you are not “wasting the seed”. Of course, ultra orthodox Jews will oppose because it is against tradition !
    -a fellow jew

  • I’m having difficulty with the fact this short little post is getting more comments than my dolphin post. I think I’ll go into the corner and weep.

  • I guess I have to offer an opinion on this um, seminal issue.

    Ali…Your concern for everyones well being and joy is certainly to be applauded!

    However, why an Orthodox sperm bank? Why limit it. Why not a Jewish one? And if you want to know the Halacha… not so easy. Paternity is a big one. There are several main opinions…This JLAW article does a good job at getting to the issues invovled in sperm banks, paternity, etc…

    Virtually all contemporary poskim have concluded, first, that the egg and sperm providers do have a parental relationship with an IVF – generated offspring; second, that the procedure if undertaken for procreation by an otherwise infertile couple13 does not violate the prohibitions against hashchatat zera; third, that one may fulfill from any resulting offspring either the mitzva of p’ru u’revo or at the very least, the “lesser” mitzva of lashevet.

    But the idea that somehow masturbation is a problem for Orthodox yeshiva boys…It is an issue for all men. You could have started the post… Jewish boys at summer camp…

  • Famous Rabbi Yonah,
    I guess I limited it to the Orthodox cuz I never saw a Reform Jew worried about the spill of his seed.

  • middle, that’s easy. if the donor converts through a Conservative or Reform rabbi, ck just won’t be able to marry them or go to their shuls. And then we’ll spend hours here on Jewlicious master debating the um, issue. In other words, Tuesday.

  • What, Brandon, you can’t even post this comment in the right post? I should quit this business, the pay is lousy and the respect is worse.

  • I can’t remember where I heard this, but I think that the Rabbis in Israel actually prefer imported sperm- that’s right they prefer the seed of the goyim… supposdly this is to prevent any kind of genetic diseases or familial awkwardness… I mean, think about it, a simple game of Jewish geography and that Yeshiva boy turns out to be a little bit of a closer MOT than you expect. Ewwwww

  • You “Jews” for the most part aren’t.
    Go read the Jewish Encyclopedia article on “Khazars/Chazars.” Turko-mongols from a nation converted to Talmudic Judaism over a thousand years ago.
    Most don’t follow the Law of Moses. Many are Atheists. Many are Agnostics. Yet persist in calling themselves “Jewish” or “Jews.”