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Also known as Rabbi Yonah Bookstein, Rabbi Yo is one of the most Jewlicious people we know. In addition to being a Rabbi, activist, musician, husband, father, Fulbright scholar and blogger, Rabbi Yo and his wife Rachel were also the dynamic duo behind every aspect of Jewlicious @ the Beach.

He’s is one of those people whose excitement is infectious and we’re thrilled to have many-faceted, multi-talented Rabbi Yo on our team.

Check out his other two sites Rabbi Yonah and Beach Hillel.

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Currently the Rabbi at Hillels in Long Beach and Orange County Rabbi Yonah Bookstein, is a dynamic teacher and community activist achieved international recognition as Director of The Ronald S. Lauder Foundation in Poland. He is a former Fulbright Fellow, and completed a Masters degree in Polish-Jewish Studies at Oxford University. Rabbi Yonah completed his rabbinical studies at Ohr Somayach Yeshiva in Monsey, New York. A 20 year veteran Israel activist and educator, Rabbi Yonah first became involved in Jewish activism in the Labor Zionist youth movement Habonim Dror. As an undergraduate major in Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Oregon, he was a key organizer of both Pro-Israel and environmental activism, and a trainer in non-violent conflict resolution. Rabbi Yonah lives in Long Beach with his wife and three children.

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Laya Millman


  • Woo-hoo! I’m famous!! Imagine, to have the back of your kipah-bedecked head being shown to a bazillion Jews around the world!! Akh, such nakhes…

  • I was one of the people lifting R. Yo, but my kipah pin is in the wrong place. And it looks like there’s some backpack on me… but that does look like my sweater! CK, is that really your back of the head? If so, can I work as your back-of-the-head stunt double? You know, for when you need to be filmed getting slapped upside the head?

  • i would like to see this happen, the big reunion
    the big banquet, make all in action to teach and
    finding balance and peace , in all aspect ove life. Having god close, to show me his way and miracle, cause i do believe i need one.
    Near or far.

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