First, there was Matisyahu. And now, there’s this song by The Chevra that’s been runnin’ round me noggin’ since Rabbi Yonah sent me the original video clip from Google Video.

Worth a view, because it’s more proof that yeshiva boys can be hot, if they try. And if they can sing…And if you hose them down gratuitously. Some pretty fancy camerawork and a bunch of fun-lovin’ yeshiva boys…brings me back to those heady yeshiva high school days…they’re athletic, they smile directly at you, and they’ve got a rockin’ attitude without being unapproachable…

But now there’s this guy. Who’s recorded his own video for the song. In four-part, split screen harmony. And by the way, he’s NOT Jewish and has NO idea what the song means.

A light unto the nations, indeed.

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  • Hey Esther. Sorry, I know it’s annoying when people link back to their own blogs, but check out the second-to-last paragraph on this post, and the comment. What can I say, great minds think alike.

  • Annoying when it’s not related. Appreciated when it is. Besides, I just linked back to one of my posts in a comment on some other thread…

    And yes, great minds…

  • My goodness…Do you think it’s time they offered dance lessons in yeshiva?

  • If Jewlicious can have a shiksa cover-girl, why can’t a goy sing in Hebrew?

  • Love the Chevra, don’t know why the Rabbi had to diss them last week.

    BTW, where and when is Matisyahu on the radio or MTV2? I never ever hear him and I do listen for him.

    I play this game, I listen for Reggae music and then wonder, is this Matisyahu? Will they tell the audience. this is in the NY area. I listened to most of Jeff Sarges program on WFMU on Sunday, nothing, I tried a new station, 105.9 that says it does Reggae, Z-100, 103.5, MTV, bupkis.

    Not saying I don’t believe the hype, but want once to hear him on these media.

  • I actually really liked the spontaneity and non-choreography–the energy seemed really natural and authentic. (Admittedly, part of that is the song itself.)

    MTV2 seems to have a harder edge, which M doesn’t IMHO meet, which is probably why you haven’t seen it. I have a brother who works at MTV and assures me that it’s in heavy rotation over there. And as far as the radio’s concerned, Z100 (in NYC) plays it every hour or so. (Or at least it feels like every hour.)

    But this thread isn’t about Matisyahu…

  • esther – thank you so much! everyone was talking about this video at shabbat dinner last friday and i couldn’t find it anywhere because somehow i can’t spell “lecha” or “chevra.”

  • I’ve never heard this tune before, but I like it. It’s kinda like, n-sync, but with meaningful lyrics. Me likey.

  • Oh Esther, you are so naive. Surely you’ve learnt by now that every post on this site is at most 1 degree of separation from titsyahu.

  • Loved it. But you know, I am concerned about the cultural appropriation aspect… This guy is not raised Jewish, does not understand being Jewish. He is white- a white man capitializing on a disenfranchized minority… disgusting

  • This video is a-freaking-dorable. Not the clueless guy; the yeshiva youngsters.

  • Jobber- well, I don’t know if it helps, but he’s at #8 and #9 for 106.7KROQ’s most played list, #5 on their most requested list, and #1 on their most selling list. KROQ is pretty much the biggest radio station in Southern Cali, so maybe you can listen online or something. But this post isn’t about Matis… sorry…

  • Being more “in-sync” (ha) with israeli music this Chevra song/video is new to me, but i really enjoyed. Kinda too bad about the old skool hebrew tho.