First, there was Matisyahu. And now, there’s this song by The Chevra that’s been runnin’ round me noggin’ since Rabbi Yonah sent me the original video clip from Google Video.

Worth a view, because it’s more proof that yeshiva boys can be hot, if they try. And if they can sing…And if you hose them down gratuitously. Some pretty fancy camerawork and a bunch of fun-lovin’ yeshiva boys…brings me back to those heady yeshiva high school days…they’re athletic, they smile directly at you, and they’ve got a rockin’ attitude without being unapproachable…

But now there’s this guy. Who’s recorded his own video for the song. In four-part, split screen harmony. And by the way, he’s NOT Jewish and has NO idea what the song means.

A light unto the nations, indeed.

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