That was one of the lines Jon Stewart pulled out in banter with audience members from Israel this evening, and it certainly a memerable one.

That’s right, ck and I had the wonderful privileged of getting to see a taping of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart today, with VIP passes no less (thanks again Cynthia!).

As luck would have it, it was Jew day on the show, with Natalie Portman as the guest. Watch the show tonight at 11 (like, right now) for some interesting insights on being a Jew filming in Germany (“i’ve never been to Germany, we’re Jews, ya’know? You never know when oktoberfest is gonna turn ugly”) and a hilarious skit on quail hunting.

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  • It’s a good thing that I hate Jon Stewart and his whole Daily Show or whatever. Because then I don’t feel left out. Glad you guys had fun; as long as we get to use a headline with the f-word in it, the terrorists don’t win.

  • I can’t wait to see it (on TiVo). Natalie Portman and Jon Stewart all in one hilarious show. Awesome.

  • I was one of the 2 guys who had seen the global edition in Israel. I was very disappointed though that I left the studio without getting to touch natalie portman or john stewart.

  • I can’t believe this…..I was the other guy with jeff at the show…We mentioned to Jon that we lived in Israel and he went off…it was awesome. He even gave us a “mischpacha” fist in the air. Glad to see that we represented for the heeb nation. I have to admit that as soon as Jon acknowledged me, the only thing I thought was “will he able to set me up with natalie”…..In another life, i guess

  • I an’t believe it, I’m friends with the 2 heebs that jon stewart want’s to set up with natalie portman on the f#*k farm, you go boys! Lot’s of Mazel to all

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