Sex Trade in IsraelMarina sits at a table in one of Jerusalem’s all night bar/cafés. She’s dressed stylishly, albeit a bit provocatively for Jerusalem. It’s just past 5 a.m. on a Thursday night and Marina and her party seem to be having a good time. They’re drinking and chain smoking Marlboros – laughing and joking in Russian. They don’t seem significantly different from any of the other patrons at the impossibly busy bar. Marina has been in Israel for 3 months. A recent arrival from Novosibirsk via Moscow, she’s 26 years old and has a degree in Physics. Speaking passable English, Marina was both charming and vivacious – as were Artem and Vlad, the two guys she was with. Natalia and Irina rounded out the party, and although their English wasn’t as good as Marina’s, they were equally animated.

These people represent a continuing issue in Israel. They are the well scrubbed representatives of Israel’s booming $1 billion sex trade industry. When they walk into your hotel room, their appearance, intelligence and friendly demeanor might make you think that they are simply college students earning extra money for school books. After parting with a not insignificant sum of money and being serviced by one of these libertines, you might assuage your guilt by thinking that you’ve somehow helped.

You haven’t. Not really. See not only are Marina, Natalia and Irina Israeli sex trade workers. They’re also slaves. Little, if any of the cash they receive plying their trade actually goes to them.

Artem and Vlad are their drivers – they get some of the cash, but the lion’s share goes to their pimps – ruthless mobsters who purchase these women at impromptu auctions for anywhere between $5,000 and $20,000. Afterwards, the women, escaping grinding poverty and chronic unemployment in their homes in the former Soviet Union, have to work to repay the pimps for the price of their purchase and expenses involved in their upkeep. Despite sometimes servicing a dozen men a day, they rarely, if ever manage to repay their “debt.”

Horrifying no? Marina works as an escort for one of several agencies that advertise in tourist magazines and Israeli newspapers. As such she’s actually one of the lucky ones. Tourists and upscale Israelis don’t like their whores bruised, worn out looking or whacked out on heroin. Marina’s agency does outcalls, servicing clients at their hotels or homes. In the sex trade hierarchy, that’s considered the top position. But all other positions are well represented in Israel.

There are the so called “Health Clubs” where one can go for anything from a massage with a “happy ending” to full-on sexual intercourse. Typically, the women try to get you off as quickly as possible as this is a volume business. The women here may work as long as 18 hours a day, sleeping in shifts, and service upwards of 2 dozen men a day. The more upscale Health clubs, such as the ones located in the suburbs of Tel Aviv, service Israeli office workers and the occasional tourist directed there by a cab driver. The really scuzzy ones, such as those located near the former bus terminal in Tel Aviv specialize in servicing Israel’s growing population of foreign workers from China, Thailand and the Philippines. If a woman finds herself here, she is definitely close to the end of her usefulness to her pimp. Sex workers also operate out of private apartments. Israeli papers are full of advertisements for these places. They operate in a similar manner to the Health Clubs but offer more privacy to the customer and operate far less openly. Thus, while there are no Health Clubs in Jerusalem, there are plenty of prostitutes working out of such apartments. I imagine they have filmed some adult movies in here as well. Some of them might of ended up on brilliant porn sites like

One can also find street prostitutes in Israel – for instance, at the Tel Baruch beach, north of Tel Aviv and all along the road leading to the Mandarin beach. Prices here vary depending on the service offered, and the women plying their trade here include many drug addicts and post-op transsexuals.

The sex trade operates openly in Israel, including that part of the sex trade that involves women lured to Israel and forced to work as prostitutes against their will. Some of these sex slaves are smuggled across the Egyptian border by Bedouins. The smuggling is done by the Azazma tribe who also smuggle weapons, consumer goods and are suspected of assisting terrorist groups. Many of the horror stories told by foreign prostitutes smuggled into Israel involve being gang raped by the Bedouins en route to Israel. What further complicates things is the presence of Azazma tribe members in the Israeli police force. The lucky ones, like Marina, manage to get into the country on a tourist visa or as olim (Jewish immigrants), with the paper work arranged for them by their future pimps and corrupt Israeli officials – this way they avoid the gang rapes, but not the ceremonial “breaking in” by their pimp.

Marina couldn’t divulge many details with the muscled and tattooed drivers present, but from what I could piece together, despite her rather impressive degree, she was unemployed back home. Looking for work and maybe a little adventure and escape from the drudgery of her life, like many other young women in her position, she answered an ad promising remunerative overseas employment. She was told she’d be working under the table as a live-in nanny in Israel and an otherwise difficult to obtain tourist visa was quickly arranged.

Once in Israel, she was picked up at Ben Gurion by a representative of her “employment agency.” The representative immediately took her return ticket, passport and ID (for safekeeping) and brought her to an apartment in Tel Aviv. There she met with her future employer who made it clear that she now owed them lots of money and that she was going to be working as a call girl. What transpired next remains vague, but suffice it to say that Marina is now docile and acquiescent and was at all times extremely deferential to the drivers. She did not seem like what one would expect a willing prostitute to be like – she wore a crucifix and asked many questions about religious sites in Jerusalem and Russian Orthodox churches, which she hoped to visit one day.

I asked her about money and she said that she spends it all on cigarettes. Even if she smokes two cartons a week, that’s $50. If she services as little as three Johns a day, she’s earning at least $1000 a week. Clearly, the lion’s share of that cash goes to her pimp. As for her customers Artem and Vlad described a cross-section of male Israeli society. This included religious Jews of all levels of observance, ordinary Israelis, celebrities, politicians, soldiers, tourists, police officers and the occasional wealthy Arab.

Marina is still relatively new to the industry. Considered fresh and still attractive she’s treated somewhat well. The longer she stays in the business though, the worst it will get for her. Eventually she will be demoted and forced to service more men and work longer hours. Her options for escape are limited. She will never be able to repay her pimps. Going to the police means immediate arrest for being in the country illegally as well as detention for up to a year before deportation. Seeking help from the Russian embassy is difficult given the presence on the street of spotters working for her pimp who will drag her away and punish her severely, and threaten her family back home if caught. Sadly, the best thing that could happen to her is to be caught by the police and deported back home. There are a number of Israeli organizations who try to help, but with limited resources and an overburdened staff, their effectiveness is questionable – certainly, despite embarrassing publicity and governmental initiatives, the Israeli sex trade remains as robust as ever and constantly expanding with even more new recruits from Eastern Europe and, lately, from Asia.

Those of us concerned with Israel’s image and its moral imperative cannot however ignore this problem. Especially this close to Passover, the presence of slaves in our midst and the broad support given to an industry that thrives on their enslavement is insupportable.

I’d like to think that Jewlicious readers are a kind, caring and sensitive lot. That’s why we’re doing this little series on modern day slavery. We’re not experts by any means but we are duly horrified. We feel compelled and hopefully you will feel compelled as well. Other than raising awareness on the issue we’d also like to raise some money to help out some of the organizations involved in alleviating the situation.

The first is the Task Force on Human Trafficking, an organization aimed at helping end human trafficking in Israel. They deal with the government, the victims and raising public awareness. The TFHT is a 501(c)3, and you are also free to make donations to them directly through there Web site – tfht.orf. We’d also like to send some cash to an International organization that deals with slavery on an International scale (as discussed by laya in her previous post).

Please, please make any donation. No sum is too small. Use the button at the end of this post – all major credit cards are accepted. More importantly, feel free to look into the subject – a quick search on Google for “human trafficking” or “Israel prostitution” will reveal a wealth of information. Talk about it with your friends and any politicians or officials you know.

I know that sounded really, really weenyish and usually I am far more cynical about stuff. But if you’d seen those women, you’d be heartbroken too.

Oh and for the record, all the names and personal details reported in this post have been totally altered. I have no interest in getting killed by the Russian or any other mob. If you mob motherfuckers are reading this, I live in Wisconsin. Come and get me!

You can read more here:

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Avi Zenilman was a Slate intern while in High School last year. He took a trip to Israel with his high school and was joined by his dad, a “clap doctor” who took his son along on a visit of Tel Aviv’s sex trade industry. This was part of a study on HIV/STD rates among Tel Aviv’s estimated 3,000 prostitutes, not some misguided rite of passage into manhood. He wrote about it in a series, which you can read here, here, here and here.

Another great resource for articles about Israel’s sex trade and role in white slavery can be found in a number of anti-semitic hate sites. I won’t link to them, but really, why are we giving these people ammunition? Think about that too.

Have a happy Passover.

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  • It’s high time someone brought this scandal to the attention of the American Jewish community. Instead of the Alphabet Soup Groups busy telling Israel how it should make nice to the Palestinians, how about doing something constructive likeshaming Israel into doing something about this?

  • This problem has unfortunately received little attention by the Jewish community in the States. One of the ways to put a stop to human trafficking is for people to write into their congressmen to put pressure on Israel. This is probably the only time I’ll ever suggest the US pressuring Israel, but due to a society which is still extremely chauvenistic, where a huge percentage of men still think a woman can be blamed for rape, this problem will only be solved if Jews around the world act to shame Israel into cleaning up its act.

  • I am so sick of everyone pretending Israel invented prostitution. What a fucking Conservadox dream. We better have two Miriam’s cups at the Seder this year.

  • It’s not ‘Novo Sibirsk’, but ‘Novosibirsk’. One word. It literally means “New Siberian City”. It’s the third-largest city in Russia.

  • Conservadox dream? Huh?

    Regardless, what a horrible story. Thanks for posting this. Though I have to say, I first heard about it from my friendly online jew-haters, who cite such stuff as more signs of out inherent perfidy.

  • I recommend to anyone who is interested in this issue (which should be everyone) to watch the film Mas’ot James Be’Eretz Hakodesh (English title: James’s Journey to Jerusalem). It’s not about the sex trade, but it is about slaves in Israel, with a lot of parallels to Marina’s story. It’s a really compelling, if depressing, critique of Israeli society. I don’t know how easy it is to find in rental stores, but I was able to buy a copy on Amazon. It’s worth your time and money, in my opinion.

  • Thanks for the too-kind response to my post. But really what I want all y’all to do is make a donation. We want to present a non-embarassing sum of money to the charities involved. Seriously ANY DONATION will be gladly accepted. Anything. So far only 5 people (not including Jewlicious posters) have donated anything at all. Five. That’s ridiculous. People please, make me proud. Show you care. Click on the PayPal button. Do it now.

  • Sorry if I’m totally ruining your next post on slave trades, but I feel this link – Hotline For Migrant Workers- is missing from the above collection, they also do fantastic work in Israel and sit on the Israeli Coalition Against Women Trafficking:

    Kudos for bringing this to the attention of all Jewlicious readers, ck.

  • The blame for this problem falls on a great number of people, Jew and Gentile alike. As an American White-Nationalist, my opinion of Jews and Israel is not very high, but Israel would get no complaints from me on this issue if they rounded up these women and deported them. Action on the part of the Israeli government here would benefit many people, especially Israelis. Normally where one finds prostitution, one also finds drugs, illegal firearms, counterfeit currency, and evidence of probably every other crime that is generally considered destructive to the proper functioning of a society. As a result of this crackdown, Israel’s domestic security would be greatly improved by getting rid of these mobsters.

    This could also be a huge public relations coup for Israel. Israel could probably ask the countries where these women hail from for money to defray the cost of the security operations. When they ask, they should ask publicly, increasing the likelihood of foreign payments.

    Finally, most importantly for Jews, this would give Anti-Semites one less reason to be anti-Semitic. Taking the history of your people into consideration, you need all the help you can get.

  • We’re doing better, but y’all can do so much more – I know you can!Most of the donations were very generous, but we only have one $5.00 donation. I want those little donations! We’re close to $500 btw. Let’s get it to at least that. Come on people! We’re so close!

  • Not-at-all-Jewlicious, why would you advocate deporting the women, as opposed to the pimps responsible for their situations?!?

  • probably for the same reason that he is an American White-Nationalist. Why blame the perpetrator when you can blame the victim?

  • hehehe..good point Ofri. After all, there can’t be perps without victims, so logically, if we get rid of the latter for good, we’ll have gotten rid of the former! 🙂 Such sophistry.

  • Grandmuffti, this problem is not going to be solved by merely deporting the women. I apologize if post 11 did not make that clear. Deporting the women is a crucial first step because the women are so afraid of their pimps that they generally do not go to the police on their own. Deporting the women is an aggressive first step that will hopefully work better than the passive first step of waiting for the women to come to them or, waiting for the mobsters to screw up, then ‘discovering’ the women working illegally. This step is aggressive because outside of their work, these women do not see the light of day. Hence this would require intelligence gathering on mafia organizations and raids on suspected mafia organizations. As far as I am concerned, the sooner these women are out of this lifestyle, the better. If it takes branding them as illegal immigrants and deporting them, so be it.

    I whole-heartedly advocate harsh treatment of the mobsters that operate in this disgusting trade, whether they are Jew or Gentile, whether their victims are white or not. I would prefer these mobsters face a firing squad, but I don’t think that would be likely.

    Ofri, as far as deportation of these mobsters, that depends on whether the mobsters are foreign-born or not. It sounds to me that you are assuming that they are. If the mobster is from outside Israel, he should be deported. If the mobster is from Israel proper, than he stays home and is punished there. If he has dual citizenship, he should be deported to wherever he was born to face punishment.

    Regarding the home countries where the women are from, the authorities there need to do more. The authorities need to go after the Mafia there and destroy the infrastructure that gets the girls out of the former U.S.S.R. and into Israel or Turkey, or wherever, in the first place. The governments of these origin countries also need to create more opportunities for their people, so they don’t go seeking foreign work. The governments of these origin countries need to do more to educate women of the dangers of working abroad and what they how they should handle themselves if they choose to work abroad anyway.

  • Ah, ok, Muffti gets the idea. Muffti completely agrees on harsh treatment of the pimps — though he thinks it a bit of a pipedream that the authorities in countries the women are leaving are going to do a lot to curb the slave trade. But Muffti agress that it would be best all in all if there were a concerted interenational effort to crack down on such mobsters.

    Muffti should say that the sex trade is simply one example of a much larger problem in this regard. In Toronto a similar thing would happen to men: promised employment by people of common nationality, immigrants would come to Canada and immeadiately be charged high rents to live in rather crappy places. To stay afloat debt wise (and avoid having your legs and such broken), these poor people would be expected to render service to their landlord/mobster boss be it drug running, gun running, strong man services…

    So, not to call too much attention to the elephan int he room but, whhy are you a white nationalist and what od you have against jews? and do you have a website? We feature a ‘hate site of the weak’ award and would be glad to feature it…

  • Won’t you please rid us of the hitler babe on your site page? She’s not even cute – Enough already! Yuk!

  • she looks like the “aryan woman” used in nazi propaganda – even in her pose — and you don’t wanna know what she’s thinking inside that pig head of hers!

  • look, maybe this woman is jewish, maybe she’s wonderful – still, why would you use for your site a ‘look’ that taken from nazi propaganda??? i find it to be as absurd as it is offensive.

  • It is naive and perhaps even a bit insensitive (to the memory of our people) to use such an image for your site. I hope one day you change it.

  • Bechira, you should stop watching Leni Riefenstahl movies. Your comments are ridiculous – especially the one where you accept that she might be Jewish (although she is not) but want her off anyway.

  • Grandmuffti, action in the former Soviet Union, is necessary because they, like it or not, are on the supply side of the equation, opposite to how Israel, Turkey and a handful of others are on the demand side. Both sides must be made to equal 0. More action will come from more awareness on the issue, and I thank Jewlicious for doing their part. Political lobbying is necessary to fill the general populace with disgust and give the ruling class the motivation to act. Needless to say, there is much work to be done.

    I’ll indulge your last few questions and then I’ll leave. I am a White-Nationalist because I want to live in a country that will host a healthy environment for Whites to thrive and multiply. In addition, I believe the status quo is woefully insufficient for meeting these needs and drastic political, economic, and social reforms are necessary.

    Regarding the Jewish question, I have a low opinion of them because I notice that if there is an ideology, an industry, an opinion, or a practice that is detrimental to Whites, Jews seem to be involved eyeball deep. So it isn’t so much who Jews are but what Jews do that I dislike, thus lowering my opinion of them.

    I appreciate the offer for the plug on your weekly feature ‘Hate-site of the Weak’, but I’m afraid I have no use for the publicity since I do not have a website of my own. However, if I have a use for Jewlicious in the future, I will call on you.

    Thanks for the time and the opportunity for free speech.

  • Fair ’nuff NAAJ – Thanks for gracing us with your presence! Free speech is one institution that is good for everyone which these jews support to the hilt. Muffti can only hope you’ll come back and give us a chance to show that reasonable dialogue can change your mind.

  • Talking about the background girls… please bring the brunette back. Or use the recent Warholesque pic. Nothing really against this one other that I don’t like green eyes.

  • Wheres the websites for these scandlous hotties??Im dieing to check them out–ideas?

  • This problem is unfortunately nothing new. The Zwi Migdal organized-crime society, which trafficked in women among other things, operated for decades in South America in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It even had its own synagogue and cemetery because the fine, upstanding Jewish community wouldn’t have anything to do with its members (and also wouldn’t do anything to help the unfortunate women who were its victims because they didn’t want to admit that such shameful things were going on in the Jewish community — a shanda!). In the end it was the women’s organizations who stepped in to help the victims.

    Not too long ago there was a program on Israeli TV about human trafficking in Israel. Turns out that the turnover is tremendous — either a billion dollars or a billion shekels per year, I forget which, but either way it’s an enormous sum. And as long as someone’s getting rich from it, it’s going to be difficult to stop.

  • Yes, Rahel, I was going to post about that. Nextbook is publicizing Isabel Vincent’s book Bodies and Souls (sample chapter in the link) about white slavery and how it affected Jewish women at the turn of the last century. Here is a very interesting and worthwhile interview with the author. The pimps would go to the shtetls of Europe, marry the women and bring them over to South America where they would promptly turn them into prostitutes. As I understand it, nobody helped these women including women’s organizations. Instead, they set up their own foundation and were very disciplined about contributing to it. In this way they were able to provide medical and retirement benefits to their membership. They also had to purchase their own graveyard next to the Jewish one because they couldn’t get buried in the Jewish one. The author believes the last member of this group died in the ’60s or ’70s. Apparently the last years were very challenging because there was nobody to continue to contribute to their fund and it went bankrupt.

  • That blonde’s the elephant in the room everyone has tried not to notice. Thanks, bechira.

    Those facial features . . . a dead ringer for Goering. Can’t believe you guys didn’t do your due diligence on this.

    My agenda– the brunette was hotter. Wickid hawt, as they say in my home town. Is there anyone out there who disagrees? Bring her back!

  • This is one of the greatest Jewlicious posts EVER. I love NAAJ. Does anyone have Don DeLillo’s e-mail address? He should put this guy in his next novel. (Or was he in his last one?)

    Maybe NAAJ’s the frustrated ex of the blonde Jewlicious girl. He’s angry, which can happen if you’re not getting laid.

  • Seriously, Tom, I was just at a small synagogue service on Friday where out of about 15 women, 3 were naturally blonde and another couple were brownish blonde. Eye color was all over the place, as were “facial features.”

  • Just goofin’, Middle. And I’m hoping for advances in bottled-blonde technology. I find that sort of thing offensive only when it’s not convincing– fool me, and I’m totally cool with it.

  • The women should not be deported. I do not think any of you here are all too familiar with the culture of FSU Countries.

    The women at home would be subject to incredible shame and isolation, and their suffering would continue. It is also very likely that the Mafia would just kidnap or kill them at home once they are deported.

    Another thing is that the Mafia would try to kill their families, which is not acceptable either.

    The sollution is intelligence gathering on the Mafia, making this an issue with FSU Countries, granting asylum both to the women and their families and protection, and being as harsh as possible on the Mobsters, if police believe that they can get away with torturing them then they should be advised to try to do it infact.

    So in a nut shell

    1.Intelligence gathering

    2.Mass raids

    3. Arrests

    4. Asylum to the women/girls and their families.

  • Dear jewlicious,

    I think Israel can win the agit prop war with the Arabs when it realizes that it is Images not arguments that win the media war. People all over the world judge Israel by what they see in the media, Images, not the text. When they see an arab throwing a stone at a tank, their sympathy goes to the Arab. By contrast, when Israel wants to defend itself, they send in a commentator who makes a long and perhaps valid argument that too many people don’t want to hear.

    So that is my two cents to help the Jewish cause.

    Sincerely, Paul

  • Ok, lets be logical and less emotional?

    Call me tradtional! I suspect that these young victims will bring a great deal of bad luck to Israel. In the past, it was just after this type of selfish weak behaivor, that Israel became very unlucky. Meaning, invaded, then the Israeli women are being abused, maybe a few young honest jewish boys?

    And everything starts all over again.

  • For years people outside of Russia have been saying the russian maffiya is responsible for this but ask any russian & they will tell you jewish maffiya. Just check the last names of the top bosses involved all Jews, many of which are given safe harbor in israel despite a lengthy criminal record because the israeli government looks the other way when big money comes in. This is what the nice ladies in Israel have to say about the poor teen girls kidnaped gang raped tortured & then pimped by the jewish maffiya (Better theirs then ours). So many girls are successful at running away to the police or military only to be returned to the whore house for a finders fee or worse yet to the police station where they are gang raped by the israeli police. This is fact based upon victims who are still there & the few who made it out alive. Hillary Clinton is against Human trafficking & puts out a report every year but every year gives Israel a free pass despite the fact that there are more houses of sexual slavery per capita than anywhere on earth. When the government was asked about all the sex slaves there reply was we have more important things to worry about like our security. Tell that to the mothers all over eastern europe who are missing their daughters. I wonder what Israel would do if someone was kidnapping their daughters & forcing them to service 20 customers aday without condoms so there is no evidence. This crime will not go unpunished! Just think of all those big Russians with military training who find out there little sister is a sex slave in Israel.

  • The Israeli hookers should be hired by MOSSAD to entice U.S. Government officials for the purpose of blackmailing them for the benefit of Israel.

  • Well, sadly, this type of behavior happens in almost every country in the world. I applaud the author for bringing attention to this horrific human rights abuse.
    Let’s hope that the Israeli Government can crack down on these mobsters. At least it raises awareness. Hey, I am not Jewish but I admire the struggle and spirit of the Jewish people. I think they are the most gifted group of all and have been targeted because of jealousy and ignorance. I don’t want to see the haters have any reason to verbally attack Israel.

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