Is Israel on a hellmouth? Is the truth out there, and what’s the deal with the black oil? In space, can anyone hear you scream? Was matzah created by mutants? And does Frodo wearing the ring create an impromptu “harei ata mekudash” between the young hobbit and the forces of evil?

I seldom find myself thinking, “gee, I wish I were in Holon for Pesah.” But this year’s an exception, with this week’s Meditech sci-fi conference (running between April 16 and 18), sponsored by The Israeli Society for Science Fiction and Fantasy, Starbase 972, The Israeli Tolkien Society and The Sunnydale Embassy in Israel (fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Plus, because the conference is happening in Israel during Passover, we’ve got special thematically and dietarily appropriate elements:

[director of the event Ilan] Aminov adds that the theme, “destiny and free will,” is an appropriate one for Pessah. With the kosher-for-Passover fare that will be served and the committed fans who follow their favorite shows with fervor, the result is something of a religious experience.

And it’s also worth noting that in some systems (most notably, on a small moon near the ice planet Hoth) “beam us up” is a synonym for aliyah.

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  • Its a good thing they didn’t have this conference in Saudi Arabia, its hard to tell if the gal you are speaking to is Vulcan when she’s wearing a burka.