I called up my family to get the latest news on my nephew Jordan (Nissim ben Rachel). My Mom told me that he has started his Chemotherapy. Since his hair started falling out his parents decided to cut off his hair. Then my Mom told me that my Dad, in solidarity with Jordan, or, so Jordan wouldn’t feel as bad, decided to cut off all his hair too. Consequently I decided, what the hell, if my old man can do it so can I! Besides it’s before Passover and Sefirat Ha Omer where you can’t cut your hair for over a month so getting a solid hair cut isn’t a bad idea.

And so this morning, while in the midst of cleaning the bejeezus out of beit Jewlicious in the colorful machaneh Yehudah market, I went to “Salon Dave” just under my apartment on rechov Ha Eshkol. Twenty minutes and 35 shekels later, I too had no hair!

Look, I know this won’t help Jordan much. Maybe my sister will show him my picture on the Web site and Jordan will laugh. But first my sister has to figure out what exactly the Internet is. Maybe a few years from now, maybe over some beers, Jordan, my Dad and I will sit around and laugh about that time we were all bald. I don’t know – but I am certain that with all your good wishes and prayers, we WILL have those beers. Thanks for all your support folks – we’ll keep you updated on Jordan’s progress! Have a great Passover y’all!

And now because I can, here’s a mess of pictures featuring Jordan, my other nephew Noam, my Dad and of course, my Mom Brakha of the famous Brakha’s shakshuka. Please, don’t ask about what’s with all the blond hair. Yes we’re Moroccan. really.


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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • In solidarity with Jordan, CK, and Family, I too am buzzing my hair before Pesach. In other news, if you look around Mea Shearim, it seems that a lot of Charedim are also…

    But on a serious note. My prayers are with your nephew, I’ve added his name to my list, and I encourage everyone else going to Shul over Passover to do the same.

    Refuah Shleima, and Chag Kasher V’Samayach

  • In solidarity with Jordan, CK, and Family, I too am buzzing my hair before Pesach.

    Me too! Ok, you got me. I’m not. But I’m still sending all good wishes your way, for a refuah shlemah for Jordan, a happy Pesah to all, and an internet tutor for your sister.

    And just to repeat that second one, a happy Pesah to all.

  • What’s seriously creeping me out about this is that Salon Dave has nicely trimmed nails on the hand that’s grasping ck’s scalp… except for his pinky finger. :-/

    Refuah Shleima Yarden! And Chag Kasher V’Samayach

  • CK-JUST BECA– USE I DO NOT HAVE A COMPUTER ATTACHED TO MY HEAD DOESN’T MEAN I DO NOT KNOW HOW…I KNOW ENOUGH THAT CAPITAL LETTERS MEANS I’M SCREAMING…Thank you for all your kindness and prayers happy holidays and I will keep you posted as long as someone helps me plug this in…sandy

  • tzipi, that’s a possibility. or maybe he has a coke problem? i know some Chinese men grow (or used to in days of yore, i’m not totally sure) their pinky fingernail long as a status symbol to show they don’t have to do physical labor. i see men with long pinky fingernails every once in a while and i always wonder why they do that. i certainly hope it’s not for aesthetic reasons. no offense to the barber, of course. i’m sure he’s a nice, drug-free man.

  • taltman-

    a lot of native israeli guys, especially those over a certain age, grow out their pinky nail. I once asked someone why he did it, and he shrugged like “why not?” and then said “it’s good to have a sharp nail for when you want to start peeling an orange.”

    It’s just a thing people do, I guess.

  • I asked the dude about the nail. he says he uses it to test the sharpness of his blades. There ya go!

  • I (the token gay goy in Jrslm) leave town for one day and this is what you go and do?!?!

    Seriously beautiful sentiment.

    Greetings from lovely Tbilisi!!!

  • I didn’t realized ck was so handsome! And yasher koach; family solidarity rocks.–Shira

  • Next time I try my hand at objectification, I will make sure there aren’t typos in it. Kind of takes the wind out of the objectification sails.

  • wow, the refusal to understand any part of the issue combined with the refusal to let it go is positively staggering.

  • Boy, I am sincerely sorry. I was trying to make a light-hearted comment and pay him a compliment. I guess it must have come across as insensitive or rude, somehow. Didn’t mean it that way in the slightest bit. Apologies.

  • No Shira, you have nothing to apologize about at all. You complimented ck and that was fine and good. I turned your lighthearted comment and made it into what I thought was a lighthearted joke referring to a seemingly endless debate I’ve been having with Laya. It was supposed to take the edge off things but she took it as a serious comment. Thus, your kind words remain as they were initially – kind words. The rest of it is merely this kind of sloggy morass through which Laya and I have to slog until we reach a superior level of communication.

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