WWMS? (Where would Matisyahu seder?) The answer is revealed in this Chabad interview with everyone’s favorite Chassidic reggae superstar, is the Chabad House at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

And yes, Tahli and the mini-Yahu will be joining him. And I guess this means he had to turn down Madge’s invitation.

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  • Yeah the music is OK, the lyrics are awful. I don’t believe he is played that much anymore.

    I mean, ‘Essense of my being’??
    If he had to go cliche like that, he could have had say “Insense of my being”. Dude that would have rocked.

    I listen to Z100 all day, never hear him,never. You have Shakira, Sean John, snoop, etc.

    On what basis is he being called a superstar???

    Only at 9pm, they have this segment called 9 at 9. then you hear his one song, King w/out a crown. It sounds like his new agent called him and said, yo, I can get u on 9 at 9 even tho u aren’t a top seller. Maybe that’s how it happened…

    Why doesn’t he talk about his breaking the Halacha w/ JDub? Or some Jew blogger journalist having the balls to ask him on that?

  • Go! Go U! Go U Mass! Go UMass!

    That’s a really small Chabad House, and it’s a litle dingy. I spent many a shabbat there.

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