not praying, but working out…but not as long as excersize. According to Dr. Dan Hall, of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, people attending religious services tended to outlive their non-attending counterparts by 1.8-3.1 years. However, regular gym attenders outlived their lazy compatriots by 3.0 to 5.1 years. Use of statin medications increased longevity by 2.1 to 3.7 years.

So go to shul if you like. Otherwise, hit the gym beeyatches coz apparently the benchpressing is more helpful to your longevity than the sh’mah.

Props to Jpost for carrying the story.

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  • This is either/or? Couldn’t someone just maximize the benefits by davening on the treadmill (or bentsch pressing) after a nice breakfast of statin meds and high-fiber oatmeal?

  • hehee..Muffti isn’t sure it is additive in teh way you are suggesting, Judi; but the article on teh study didn’t address that question.

  • Why not simply watch a person like the one in the picture and just want to live a bit longer as a result?

    I believe if I do it regularly, it may beat both the shul and the exercise in gym

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