sumo wrestlers love israel

Sumo wrestlers will be soon touring Israel, Ynet reports.

A delegation of 15 top-ranking Sumo wrestlers is scheduled to arrive in Israel in June, according to sources in the Israeli embassy in Tokyo.

The planned visit, made possible following lengthy talks with the Japanese Sumo Federation, is part of an initiative aimed at promoting Japanese tourism to Israel and strengthening ties between the countries, as Sumo wrestlers are regarded as opinion makers in the land of the rising sun.

If the plan works out, this could get interesting. With a healthy cultural exchange, we could get better sushi. Maybe a wasabi as an alternative to harif in felafel, and if we’re lucky some of that Japanese patience and meticulousness might even inspire an Israeli or two.

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  • If you aren’t careful, you’ll get chonko nabe instead of better sushi. Chonko nabe is the soup that sumo wrestlers eat. Chicken liver and gelatin noodles that look suspiciously like long strangs of snot. You eat it, then go to sleep and get fat.

    And it was what I had for my birthday dinner when I turned 26. A little disappointing to say the least. “mmmm, make sure to put some extra snot noodles in my bowl please!”

  • There’s actually an amazing Sushi restaurant in Jerusalem, in the center of the Kikar. I can’t remember the name of it for the life of me, but the kikar is made up of three main roads, and there are three back roads that lead to the center of the kikar and have great restaurants. On one of those roads, behind teh Bank Hapoalim, is the most amazing Sushi restaurant, the second best sushi I’ve had anywhere in the world, and I’ve had sushi everywhere.

  • It’s called Sakura (not kosher for those that care)and it has the best sushi in Israel! It’s at 31 Jaffa Road in the courtyard behind the bagette/internet place.

  • I noted a disturbing lack of Hello Kitty items in Israel. I hope that the Japanese can remedy that.

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