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nazi punksSorry for the hiatus; Muffti has been busy. However, he has a real treat for you guys this time around. Blood and Honour Combat 18 are, without a doubt, a bunch of assholes. They like Hitler. They like Ian Stuart (singer of the band Skrewdriver). They like being topless and saluting (go here and scroll down). They certainly don’t like communists and they are pretty anti-everything not white.

They also style themselves as a thinking-nazi’s site. While there is the characterisitic red on black design and pics of headbanging drunk white people, they also have a fair bit of self reflection. For example, they have a handbook that opens as follows:

The simple truth is, that despite all the goings-on in and around our so-called Movement, there are, basically, only two real reasons for the existence of that movement:
1. Bringing down the ruling old order of our enemies;
2. Building a new order based on our own principles and ideas.
And the sad truth is, that so far we have failed miserably on both accounts.

The handbook is supposed to provide a way of overcoming this lac of progress. However, most of it is just rambling without any clear direction. For example, in the section of violence, you get the following (albeit take out of context) set of conundrums:

Pacifism is for foolish dreamers and genetic wimps. Violence as self-defence is natural and unquestionable. But then again, attack is said to be the best form of defence. So where does that lead us? Nobody would deny that for all those years since Adolf Hitler gave his life for our race in a Berlin bunker, the nationalists and race-conscious Whites (as well as the entire Aryan race for that matter) have been on the defensive. Is it not high time to fight back?

The answer turns out to be something like ‘no, but maybe’. The handbook ends with standard ‘things look bad but not for long if we struggle’ ism:

Aryan man will rise again and take back his rightful position on earth. Or he will die fighting for it. There is no middle ground. There is only the solemn call of our forefathers and the glorious vision of the future. Together, as comrades-in-arms, we – the last of the traditional Aryan gladiators and berserkers, the latter-day White knights and crusaders, the inheritors of the armed legions of European National Socialist volunteers – throw ourselves into the final battle for our race.

*sigh* oh well.

The ‘we’re not dumb white power types’ theme continues a bit in the articles section. The articles are a little all over the place, but what Muffti finds amusing is that a little digging and you can find even more of the ‘love the movement, hate the movers’ theme. The article They ain’t alright just because they’re White, for example, opens with the following odd comment:

I’ve been involved in the so-called “right-wing” for a number of years now, but when I step back and look at our so-called movement, especially more recently, I can’t help saying to myself, “Why am I surrounded by so many ‘misfits’?”

If you have to ask…The diagnosis, however, is suprising. You’d think it’s because only warped people believe in racial superiority and purity. Our author, however, comes to an interesting conclusion:

Why is there such a difference I hear you ask? The problem now is that since the war, pro-White groups have been desperate for the numbers and will accept absolutely anyone just because they’re White and call themselves racists. It doesn’t matter what sort of lowlife they are as long as they are “our way”. Quite simply, the Nationalist organisations that exist at the moment will accept anyone. The only condition of membership they seem to have is the ability to pay an annual subscription.

What is the composure of these misfits? Well there are “cowards, inadequates and losers, Faggots, Passing-trade, sickos and wierdos and drunks.” This, of course, puts white powerism in an odd position: they need numbers. But if they purge their ranks of the types just mentioned there will be about 2 people left in the party.

One article Muffti did find interesting was still shots and captions from a propganda film shown in Hitler’s pre-holocaust Germany. It’s hard not to be amazed that this sort of thing was shown as fact back in the day. It’s even harder to believe that the fellow running Blood and Honour still thinks it’s true!

There are other gems, and Muffti recommends taking a perusal. Once again we see the real subtle shame of the white power types. The writers at B & H aren’t stupid; they are fairly articulate. They are passionate. They have a great deal of will power. It’s just sad to see talent and energy go to waste on shit like this.

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  • As always this feature is depressingly good.
    I wish you could one day attempt to write this feature and not find any banaly evil ignorant idiots to write about.
    Aint going to happen.

  • Thanks JC! Muffti and CK used to run a site called ‘hate on the net’ and, while the stuff we were documenting was depressing, after a while you could start to see the hillarity in it all. If you try squinting a bit, you will see it as more comically misguided that scary. Either that or CK and Muffti are really really warped 🙂

  • At least they’re pro-topless, demonstrating that there’s a little good in everybody.

  • Don´t worry,I get a good laugh which is needed when dealing with this crap.
    As I´ve mentioned before the greeting, the t-shirt and the nazi bimbo´s ( My guess is that ninety percent of their lucrative business is in the US. prison system. Imagine the wonderful examples, physically and mentally, of the “master race” that must be masturbating to their images even as I write. a sort of very perverse ironic justice) in the logo never fail to crack me up. The t-shirt in particular tickles my “it only hurts when I laugh” syndrome.
    I covet one (of the t-shirts, not one of the nazi bimbos of course) but of course financing the source is repulsive and the t-shirt is so incorrect and offensive on so many levels when/where could I possibly wear it?
    It still cracks me up. To think that Hitler died so that he could be remembered like that.
    Keep up the good fight..

  • Thanks JC, you too. Muffti actually thinks you may be on to something: perhaps we can all get together and together wear nazi tshirts. Black people can come and wear Klan robes and we’ll all have a big ol’ ‘Dress Inappropriately’ Themed Party where we can laugh at those lucky sites that get the HSOW award.

    And then we could send Blood and Honour the pictures to let them know just how stupid they look to us! 🙂

  • ‘Combat 18’ and the rest of the extreme, extreme ‘right’, and the other extra-parliamentary political movements (anarchist-greens etc.) in most countries are plagued by agents of the state.