dirk.jpgDirk Nowitzki, the 7-foot tall dunking member of the Aryan race Dallas Mavericks has won quite a popularity contest according to Broken News.

Although rivals call him a “terror”, Nowitski assures his fans he’s “not planning an invasion of Poland or anything.”

In other news the McDougald Funeral Home is really hoping to win the coveted “Best Crematorium since Auschwitz” award later this year.

please note: broken news is a satire publication

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Laya Millman


  • “please note: broken news is a satire publication”

    Please note: that is a pitiful excuse for repeating BN’s offensive and hateful jokes.

  • Dirk rules. But that doesn’t mean Hitler was right.

    Wow, Dirk v. Shaq . . . The NBA gets its act together at last.

  • An untouchable machine? Ben Wallace knocked him on his ass just last week. Gotta love Shaq though. He’s looking fabulous, too.

  • I thought Shaq looked great. He’s a dominant force in the paint, and Dirk just doesn’t bring that to the table. But you’re right, it will be a completely different assignment, which is lucky for Shaq who no longer has the energy to run after someone as quick as Dirk.

  • If the Mavs lose, it’ll have something to do with a grassy knoll.