stuffIt’s been high profile terrorist kill week for the Israeli and American Militaries. Zarqawi died trying to get off of a stretcher after an air strike. Jamal Abu Samhadana was killed Thursday by the IAF. Several other attacks Friday killed various members of the PRC and Islamic Jihad. This doesn’t include three dead apparently trying to enter Israel on Wednesday evening. Inneffectual Qassam rocket attacks followed the incident.

Unfortunately, things don’t always go as swimmingly. Shells hit a beach in Gaza today killing 12 (according to Ynet) or 7 (according to Haaretz) or 13 (Jpost) or unmentioned (Arutz Sheva) or 9 (Al-
) civilians. By all counts, the injury toll was well over 20 and included children. Shelling stopped immeadiately by order of General Dan-Halutz, and Israel offered aid including evacuation of victims to Israeli hospitals. An official appology was forthcoming.

The strange thing is that the source of the shelling is as of yet unclear. Palestineans claimed that the shells were fired by the navy but there is no record of firing at the time by the navy nor by the IAF. A full investigation is underway.

Abbas claimed:

No doubt what’s going on in Gaza is a bloody massacre against our people, our civilians, without discrimination…I call upon the international community, Security Council, the Quartet, to put an end to this Israeli killing policy.

Muffti wishes he would wait for the investigation to complete its results. But he’s pretty sure it’s the fault of the Orthodox Jews. (kidding!)

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  • Seems like another staged Palestinian massacre used to give a pretext to attack Israel. A group of not modestly dressed Muslims get blown up on a beach. The picture of the girl – not covered – next to her dead father. Pallywood at its best. Thats the gut feeling on this one. Sorry if it seems cynical, but that is how the game is played. Remember those missiles that went off during a parade killing a bunch and Hamas blamed Israel? Then they had to concede that it was there own missiles.

    And lets not forget the most famous case of Pallywood: Muhamed al Durah

  • Unfortunately, things don’t always go as swimmingly. Shells hit a beach in Gaza today

    If seven Israelis had been killed and some blog said that things “hadn’t gone swimmingly,” I’d be furious. Wouldn’t you? That’s a horribly insenstive description of this tragedy.

    And I won’t even get into the disgusting comment above here, besides to mention that I’ve heard anti-Semites say the same things about attacks on Jews, i.e., that they’re staged. Extremists for different sides sound quite similar, eh?

  • the fun part in this whole struggle is no body questions who of both sides is internationally (UN) considered holding the land of the other?

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