Seriously, these people should be a first priority for targeting right now. You’ll note how the “brave” terrorists intend to go after after civilians.

A spokesman for the Popular Resistance Committees, Abu Abir, told Ynet on Tuesday that that his organization has formed special units in the West Bank whose sole purpose is to kidnap soldiers and settlers, in accordance with the continued Operation “Cavaliers’ Wrath.”

“Our goal it to imprint the message in the Israeli consciousness that regardless of more Palestinian deaths, the resistance will continue to strike at you, until the occupation ends.”

According to the spokesman, “Eliyahu Asheri was kidnapped on Sunday.” He refused to confirm reports that the settler was no longer alive. “We will release a message at the proper time.” He emphasized that the PRC would continue to kidnap soldiers and settlers. He issued a bold threat, saying, “We would like to say to the extolled and failing leaders, (Defense Minister) Amir Peretz and (Prime Minister) Ehud Olmert, that anything that we desire to do, we can do within a few hours. As long as one Palestinian remains in an Israeli prison and as long as soldiers and settlers remain on our land, the fighting and the kidnapping will not cease.”

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