I stumbled across the X-Ray Project and have to admit it was disturbing and disheartening. Essentially, an artist has compiled X-Ray images of terrorism victims. She did this by visiting two hospitals in Israel that tend to terror victims regularly. The one heartening element about the project is that attempted suicide attacks remain high but the success rate has become far lower than a couple of years ago.

Diane Covert who is the artist who created the project writes:

The X-rays and CT scans in this exhibit are new ways to make figurative images and portraits. They represent life in the modern cross-section of these artistic traditions – both the desire to observe and describe reality with the most modern techniques available, and the need to think and talk about it. All of these images are the by-products of terrorism, which is a war on a civilian population. Terrorists pack their bombs with common objects – hex nuts, bolts, nails, watches – all meant for peaceful, utilitarian purposes. By blasting them into human beings, they create the madness of our times.

The project is sponsored in part by the David Project, which has been taking a pro-active approach in informing and educating the public at large as well as the Jewish public about issues confronting the Jewish communities outside of Israel as a result of the Arab-Israel conflict as well as pertinent issues reflecting how the Israel-Arab conflict plays out in Israel and throughout the world. The X-Ray Project seems to fit well with their mission.

As I was composing this, I had the X-Ray Project open on another browser window. The sounds over their home page sound like Israelis having a meal at a restaurant. It kept playing over and over. Chilling. I wasn’t able to copy it, but Image 21 shows a watch embedded in a terror attack victim’s neck.

Hat tip to Solomonia.

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