All the news that apparently isn’t fit to print in English.

My roommate’s boyfriend Yoni is a lover of the Hebrew daily paper Ma’aviv, feeling that it’s one of the few sources that tells you what’s really going on in Israel, which is often good for a laugh.

After grilling up bunches of meat for Shabbat, he shared some favorite stories.

Here’s a few gems:

400(!) IDF officers were found to have paid off institutions to grant them phony smicha (rabbinic ordination), as pay increases for being a rabbi are greater than for having a BA.
(But the real question is, could these fake rabbis now perform conversion ceremonies?)

PTAs complain that school meals are too fattening. Teachers, parents agree.

Knesset Catfight! Channel 2 reveals yesterday’s security video catches “female MK” breaking into Ruhama Avraham’s (kadima) office, making a mess, and stealing a plant.

Israeli electricity company takes out 3/4 page ad apologizing for “general pain and suffering” caused by recent blackouts.

McDonald’s takes out 3/4 page ad announcing its new french fries are healthier than Bamba!

And finally, only in Israel – Presiding judge speaks on cell phone in middle of court case.

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  • לך קיבינימט, יא שרמוטא, ושתהיה לך שבת שלום! באהבה, מיכאל

  • “Sometimes I wonder if men and women really suit each other. Perhaps they should live next door and just visit now and then.”

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