's a gasHat tip to one of Muffti’s fav grrls in the world Jess for this link. A fellow named Darren, miffed that his Jdate didn’t call him back for a second date began harrassing her to cough up her share of the cost for a dinner he paid for assuming that there WOULD be a second date. Her apparent refusal brought out one of Darren’s less charming character traits: sheer persistance. Check it out at Gonzo Rangers. Muffti isn’t quite sure if this story isn’t a parody but man is it funny.

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  • This is a hoax. This story has been done in the past. This time a few fake voicemails where thrown in for good measure.

  • Hi Gang,
    Had a great JDate experience today. While talking on the phone to a prospective date his wife picked up the other line and told him to hang up, which he did. She then told me he is very married, and he is sick and if I was with him I should have myself checked out, and apologized for the inconvenience! I reported it to JDate but he is back online tonite. Beware Member ID 10507800! He is claims to be italian/german…learned my lesson about non-jews on the site!

  • I threatened the wife that I would join Jdate, if certain demands weren’t met, and she was like, oh go ahead, I heard all about that sick site, have all the fun you can handle sad sack.