Boston AssclownWell, at least for one guy…

No not the ass clown in the picture. He’s just a random dipshit attending an anti-Israel rally in Boston last Friday. Hang on. I need to catch my breath for a second because that “Victory for Hizballah” guy looks soooo scary. I’m sure that had this dude been amongst the Hizballah fighters in Maroun al-Ras, the village would not have fallen. Guess he couldn’t be there to help and still make his shift at the 7-11 on Harvard street in Brookline.

OK. I’m back. So yeah. Big rally in Boston. This guy Seva decides he’d like to videotape it for posterity. Some of the rally participants took umbrage with Seva’s videotaping, including one Noah Cohen, an often incoherent Jewish anti-Israel activist who thinks Noam Chomsky isn’t sufficiently anti-Zionist. Seva was jostled, threatened, pushed etc. Some woman with crazy eyes even grabbed his camera. It was complete mayhem. Anyhow, pics and eye opening video clips are availabe at Solomonia. This is well worth looking at, I promise.

Has anyone else had similar experiences at a rally? Oh and speaking of rallies, if you happen to be in uh… Hawaii tomorrow, there’s a rally in support of Israel Wed. evening at 7pm in Waikiki at the Gateway Park (intersection of Kalakaua Ave. and Kuhio). Send us pictures! Thanks to Haish Hagadol for the heads up.

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  • If you do get more rally info, please let us know at JBlogosphere. We have a somewhat comprehensive list of pro-Israel rallies, including recaps we can find on different blogs. Link.

  • Twice in the last two weeks I have been screamed at as a racist. Huh. The sad part is being yelled at racist by spoiled white kids wearing kaffiehs who get into their Infinity and then speed away.

  • I wonder if Douchey-Mcdouche with the “Victory to Hizballah (which is first and foremost an impossible transliteration of…oh who cares)” sign truly understands the implications of a Hizbollah victory. My persian friend who has a satelite (what good persian wouldn’t 🙂 ) and gets state TV says the Iranians believe they have engaged Israel in a protracted war that they (Israel) can’t win. So while Condi says the Bush Admin. envisions a “new middle east”, Ahmedinejad and Khamanei are thinking the same thing…they envision a STRONG Shia dominated Middle East (including Iraq, thanks BushAdmin) with Iran at the center calling the shots. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain (I think it was), and other Sunni dominated regimes realize this of course and are therefore VERY skeptical of coming out and supporting Hezbollah and even harshly criticizing Israel. Perhaps there is one thing that Sunni led regimes dislike more than Israel, and it’s Shi’a domination of the Middle East.

    In any case, back to Douchey. A strong Iran is bad for everyone….everyone but the mullahs and power structure inside Iran. His ultimate goal, the destruction of Israel may come to fruition, but it would not stop there. With Iran controlling the Middle East, and simultaneously a spiteful enemy of the West, gas supplies could become a problem, not to mention the geopolitical mess it would cause. Oy, the implications are so far reaching, just typing one thing leads to me wanting to go 20 different ways.

    Ok, bed time.

  • I write this about three blocks from Harvard and Beacon in Brookline, and there ain’t no 7-11. But maybe he’s at the White Hen Pantry.

    Hell, this is a hotbed of pro-Palestinian sentiment, what with the JFK School, famous for having exposed The Lobby, a stone’s throw away. Folks here think Bush is much more frightening than Ahmadinejad. Which is pretty . . . frightening.

  • I watched this video and I don’t know what I would have done in his situation… I watched and read this from my cubical at work and I feel like throwing my monitor out the window! How frustrating it must have been for Seva to be the lone voice of reason and the only Israel supporter there. Kol HaKavod Seva!!! Kol HaKavod!

  • I am not surprised by this at all considering what happened at the LA rally.

    There were a bunch of anti-Israel protesters on a street corner and instead of disperssing after the rally they went on a march around the block screaming, yelling and starting fights with the Jews.

    I was there trying to get to my car- I had thankfully gotten a ride close to my car by a couple who wanted to make sure that I was not walking alone considering the angry mob nearby.

    What I didn’t realize was that my car was basically going to be in the middle of it and a few minutes after I got there the angry mob turned the corner and came towards where I was standing.Then the riot police showed up and started pushing people back.

    People were yelling mean and horrible and stupid things. Swearing, screaming and shaking their fists. (one guy yelled at a woman holding an Israeli and American flag that she was fat??? Only in LA would that be the insult that he would come up with)

    My Jewish pride made me stay but I really wanted to get the hell out of there. After living through the intifada I know what angry arab mobs are capable of.

    I waited behind the line of police and the Arabs advanced down the street- only marginally contained. One guy was arrested.

    I figured that it would be in the news, surprised that it wasn’t.

    So scary, I am still freaked out about it.

    Wish I had a video camera to have captured it.

  • This should not be allowed! I listened to this guy talk on Fox. What a complete idiot. Not a clue why Israel is doing this. If they don’t know their facts of their protest they should be fined! If they only knew they are in support of terrorist! They probably do, for who are they?

  • I’m scared! My home newspaper did a whole page; Concerned citizes of Kalamazoo We call on you to SAVE LEBANESE AND PALESTINIAN CIVIANS, then it goes on killing of innocent civilians is NOT an act of self-defense. The United States Department of Defense defines terrorism as; “the calculated use of unlawful violense or threat of unlawful violence to inculcate fear; intended to coerce or to intimidate governments or societies in the pursuit of goals that are generally political, religious, or ideological,” Doesn’t this define what Israel is doing to Lebanese and Palestinian civilians at this very moment? And now, the state of Israel, in diregard of international law and Article 33 of the Geneva Convention, is launching a maritime and air seige terrizing Lebanon. ect ect add-ADC of Greater Kalamazoo, POBOX553,K-Z00 49081 figures by Detroit! Well 150 miles! oh and listen to this shit! for almost sixty years, millions of Palestinians have been living under Israel occupation in sub-human conditions, subjected to atrocities at the hands of the Israeli army. With backing from and approval of U.S., the Israelis have destroyed entire towns, imprisoned thousands of Palestinians and Lebanese citizens, and murdered entire families, both Muslem and Christian. My own f’in home town! I am pissed! I am writing to this bull shit! How can this farce be printed? They should be sued! This is war right here on our streets and they don’t see it. This should not of been printed! It is so damanging and a lie! A proproganda to destroy us here and there in Israel.

  • You got it! An add to advertise a one sided cause. It is a very long article with the picture of a sea in the background! I want to see the add for the other side now. Like fellow believers it is a warcrime what is happenig to Israel and we must be concerned and not stand by like France but take action and let’s go after Iran! I forgot to add it is dated 7-23-06, pgA16, in Michigan, where they funnel money to Hezbollah. It says paid by ADC. It seems the Gazette would ask questions. Where do they get this money? These people are here that is enough for me. I wish they would make them leave the country. I do not like it!! Have a good night all. Shalom

  • Hawaii went well (just FYI)

    Our peaceful rally in Waikiki lasted about 2 hours – we raised some cash for MDA, distributed flyers, waved at passing cars and ended with a candle lighting, the reading of a Psalm and the singing of Hatikva and Oseh Shalom…

    Hawaii’s has a TINY Jewish community! But we managed to get members of Chabad, Reform, Conservative all working together with Christians and other concerned peeps from the area… nice.

    We got some coverage on the local news – heres the link:

    Mahalo to Pinchas and Elly – and also Stand With Us for the great signs and flyers (and CK for the plug)!