As the ROIniks refuse to go gently into that good diaspora, they’ve been peppering the town with culture and frolicking: from Shabbat dinners at the Inbal Hotel to lunches on chateau verandas and in the verdant Liberty Bell Park (newly named for Koret) and in the melee of Kikar Tzion, you can see them there, wandering like the Jews they are, looking for something to do…

Years ago, a t-shirt store named Mr. T’s used to sell t-shirts and postcards featuring the same caption-and-graphic combo: A black square in the center of the shirt or card, with a caption reading “Jerusalem Night Life.”

But that was then, this is the essence of nowitude…there’s lots to do in Jerusalem this week. Firstly, if as rumored, WineGuy is in Israel, perhaps he’ll be at the Israel Museum this week, for the Israeli Wine Festival, being held Monday-Thursday night. 50 shekels (but no, not THAT 50 Shekel) gets you in and gives you a wine glass and a license to taste.

Secondly, we’ve also got the Jerusalem Film Festival, running through July 15th, whose website celebrates turning 22 with this poem, which (IMHO) is an excuse to not use periods. The Festival features several American movies, like Brick and Thank You For Smoking, in addition to new Israeli films like Someone to Run With (based on the book of the same name and billed as this country’s Catcher in the Rye) and Canada’s The Exodus Decoded, which was screened for the participants at ROI 120. The program is here

What else? Last game of the World Cup tonight, parties in Jerusalem on Monday night and in Tel Aviv on Tuesday night, and undoubtedly death-match-level sheshbesh tournaments (which are riveting in a watching-paint-dry sort of way)…

Shalom bachutz (peace out) from the Holy Land…

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  • I went to the opening night of the film festival. It was fun! And cold! I recommend Someone to Run With. Anyone who is in the position to do so should definitely support Israeli cinema.

  • Esther, you sound much happier over there. I still suggest that you spend a year.
    Rick O. P.

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