Sometimes I feel like Jewlicious should have its own Natalie Portman category. Or maybe a separate category for “actjewesses,” or “Jewspianettes,” or “thespiJewesses” or something like that, so we’d have a designated place for stories like this one, in which Hebrew homegirls Nat and Scarlett team up to make the dreams of Jewish dudes everywhere come true. Well, at least the dreams of all Jewish dudes dreaming about a BBC biopic of Anne Boleyn.

Shooting begins in October; Natalie plays the doomed Anne, who is (sorry to ruin the ending, kids) decapitated after being tried for incest and adultery, and Scarlett plays younger sister Mary. Rounding out the cast is Hulk/Trojan/Israeli Mossad Agent Eric Bana.

First Nat shaved her head on-camera for a scene in some sci fi movie (which I didn’t see and have since totally forgot the title of). Now this movie calls for├é┬ádecapitation. Let’s hope she’s not a Method actress when it comes to this particular role.

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  • I came acorss this recent Obit that was more interesting in a genuine historical sense:
    Alexandre Safran
    Ousted Chief Rabbi of Romania Published: 31 July 2006, The Independent:
    The man who managed to save half of Romania’s Jews during WW11. A good thought for the day. Cheers, ‘VJ’

  • SR, is there any hope that you will ever get over yourself? I really hope you’re joking. Here in Israel life goes on even when “we have a serious war going on.”
    Incidentally, what constitutes a serious war? Is it different from all those frivolous wars/genocides/random acts of terror/crimes against humanity going on all over the world on any given day during which it’s perfectly fine for Jews to discuss Natalie Portman’s coif? Spare us your sanctimonious bullshit.

  • Our site, “Steves.” We post what we want. And besides, everyone needs some less serious posts every once in a while.

  • Indeed. If we didn’t post about Natalie Portman, well, then the terrorists would have already won.

  • I personally would prefer if there were some pics accompanying said fight against terrorists. Lots of pics.