Sorry that Muffti has been absent for a while – he’s been travelling a bit after participating in a conference in France. Anyhow, he’s in Israel now, hanging with some of his favourite people and meeting some fascinating new ones. Last night, over beer and tequila/jagermeister shots, he had the following wonderful and hillarious exchange with Esther:

Muffti: Wow, it’s really great to be here.
Esther: Really? Do you feel blessed to be close to the presence of, wait, you’re an atheist, I guess, you feel blessed to be closer to the non-presence of the non-existent diety you don’t believe in?
Muffti: Uh, no, it’s just cool to see old friends…

Anyhow, Muffti is glad to be here and grateful that old friends like CK will still put him up, even when he shows up 15 hours late (Muffti blames his friends in Brighton, but that’s another story!). Israel is a beautiful place he recommends everyone to visit, even if they don’t feel spritually elevated, enveloped in the warm presence of God, or the overwhelming power of the wailing wall.

And TM, Michael and Rabbi Yonah: wish you were here.

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