KACH RIPA while back, I posted about one Earl Krugel who had been convicted of conspiracy in a plot to blow up a Mosque in California. He was sentenced to 20 years behind bars but three days into his sentence at a medium security penitentiary, an unknown inmate killed him by bashing his head in with a cement block.

Now, I don’t like the man’s politics and blowing up Mosques is a very, very bad thing to do. However, his murder while in prison left me completely apalled. The fact thaat at the time of the murder, the police had no suspects also led me to believe that no susspect would ever be found. Some in the Kach/JDL community also felt that this was part of some government plot to destroy the JDL.

Well… seems like they caught the guy that killed Krugel. His name is David Frank Jennings. He’s 30 years old, an inmate in Phoenix and he loves long walks on the beach and killing imprisoned Jews. Let’s hope that this time, justice is served.

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  • The motive was a pack of cigarettes.
    A Federal Detention Center Employee supplied them.
    Life is cheap in the Amerikkan Gulag.

  • i was there when it happened .jenninigs walked right by me after he killed the jew.i walked up to the body most of his face was crushed in.

    • can you please tell me more. i am very interested in this case. did you know jennings well?