[Esther’s note: The following suggestions were sent to me by a number of ROI120 participants representing various countries, perspectives and tracks. They thought it could benefit the conference to draw up the below working mission statement in the hope of focusing tomorrow’s discussions. Because this document is for the purposes of discussion, intended to serve as a springboard for the realization of the conference’s potential, they have asked to remain nameless.]

Suggestions for a Common Focus for ROI120

We, the participants of ROI120, in recognition of the challenges facing the Jewish People in this stage of our history, thank the conference organizers and funders—and especially the IDI, birthright israel, and the Schusterman Foundation—for convening us here in Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the Jewish People. As young Jewish innovators representing multiple voices from around the world, we are committed to enriching the cultural fabric of Am Israel. However, we fear that the lack of focus for ROI120 has served as more of an obstacle than as a springboard.

To clear up this confusion and harvest the vast potential of the participants, we hereby suggest that ROI120 seek to clearly state that its goals are to:

1) Facilitate a regular, open and participant-driven exchange between creative young minds from diverse corners and communities of the Jewish world;

2) Provide us with the tools we need—such as mentorship advice and support—in order to enhance the various projects and initiatives arising of, by and for our global Jewish generation;

3) Connect young Jewish innovators directly with foundations and organizations in order to ensure that Jewish communal renewal is a mutually beneficial partnership between the generations; With these three broad goals in mind, we hope that the various tracks and groups will be able to work together to come up with the specific strategies and steps to enable us to realize the vast potential that exists among the present representatives of our generation.

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  • Uhh, very nice, especially the last part. But if these are indeed the aims of the conference, then perhaps there should be something about it going beyond the scope of BRI alumni, widening the narrow age bracket for participation, basing it (and the ongoing conversation) more on the creativity and groundswell demonstrated by the innovators and their projects than things like age and BRI status.