team-buildingThey came from all over–the US, Canada, the UK, Israel, Australia, Venezuela, Spain, Argentina, Hungary, India, and many other places–to congregate at the premiere ROI 120 conference, currently underway in J-town. More posts undoubtedly to come, but in the interim, here are some photos from the first day, which included a trip to the Kennedy Memorial and opening ceremony, followed by icebreaker and team-building exercises:


At left, CK snaps a photo of someone really important or something. But little did he know that another camera was watching. Call it my little act of meta for the day.
totem pole

This exercise at right was all about teamwork. Mostly. Except that one person always had to climb one at a time. Our team was really great. Everyone encouraged each other and the support was palpable. That said, I’m still not climbing a totem pole while all my friends tell me to “do it! do it!”

justin leans

Here’s Justin, taking a well-deserved lean. Knock yourself out, Justin. But it’s early to rise today. So I’m off to sleep with more updates to come.

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