esther_laya.jpgAt one point tonight, during my last night on the town, a friend turned to me and said, “is everyone you know here from the world of blogs?” I looked around, and more or less, the answer was yes.

What a long, strange trip it’s been. From meeting 40 people at an airport in New Jersey and whisking them through a whirlwind journey through Israel to being a part of amazing energy from the Jewish innovators of the future, from reuniting with old friends to making new ones from whom departure seems unnecessarily cruel, from bagels to limonana to felafel to hummus, from staying in hotels to staying on people’s couches, from extravagant lunches with business partners and friends to late nights at bars when no one looks at a watch, from sitting at the bar at Coffeeshop and scoring free mini-shakes from the bartender to spending time with family over Shabbat and at the zoo…it seems like this trip has been both surreal and going on for years. And moreover, it seems somewhat miraculous, considering the opportunity came to me through affiliation with a blog, a term I didn’t even know existed three years ago.

I have to thank Jewlicious, for having brought the gift of Israel (Jewlicious-style) to the Oranim 466ers, and for bringing me to be one of their guides. I have to thank Jewlicious for bringing me on board for ROI 120 and permitting me to feed off the energy of Jewish innovators. I have to thank Jewlicious for opening their homes to me and allowing me to live endlessly on couches and in spare beds.

I have to thank so many others, too. And I hope that someday I will find the words and have the opportunity to express my gratitude. But for now, I must board a plane.

Until then, I wish you safety, happiness, and all the (good) hummus you can eat, preferably with fresh pitot from the shuk.

Next beer in Jerusalem.

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  • israel seems surreal becuase it is so real. We are so accustomed to the sheker of Artzos HaBris.

    Did you ever wonder about that name we have for the USA in english. Artzos HaBris?

  • And since the spam is fillign up the comment section, I figured i had better writea few more comments… Like Esther, when are you coming to LA to visit?

  • Esther,
    Even though you wouldn’t eat my food, it was still my pleasure to meet you. I’m sure you’ll think of us next time you write a check for rent 🙂

  • I will be going to Israel shortly myself God willing.

    It will be hard to leave this time, I am sure.

    I am also slaving away to send the kids for the holidays.

    I hate to be an asshole.
    Good luck there Esther, but the need to grow is so apparent. you’re what mid 30’s now?

  • “This war will be remembered as the beginning of the end for Israel,” Safiadeen said.

    Pariah state, terror state, apartheid state, murder state, racist state–This we knew. What is new is how WEAK the Israel state is!

    The Israeli military said two Israeli soldiers died in the fighting . . . Al-Manar television said three Israeli soldiers were killed.

    Hahahahaha! Now you see how you will be held accountable for your crimes! Israel, you can’t stop the Muslim Tsunami. Hezbollah will win. Soon Syria will retake the Golan province. Then Jerusalem. Sorry about your Apache helicopter! I’m sure you can find two more helicopter pilots somehow! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • SNN, you are such a despicable dope. You love bloodshed and killing. Why don’t you blow yourself up right now?

    The diff bet. you and the Israelis, is that they regret having to do this dirty work. They regret killing and being killed. They will do it, and they will defeat you and your Hizzers sick monsters, but they are sorry that there has to be people in the world such as you and your Hoozers.

    The dirty work of the West and civilized people is being done now by Israel.

    My opinion is, that we will never be able to live a normal life, as long as creatures like you and your terrorist lap dogs are free to breathe the air of freedom.

    If it were me sitting in Olmerts chair, I would have nuked you and your whole southern leb. already.

    But alas, this is not he case, we have to watch a more conventional warfare, which looks as if it is going OK for Israel at this point. Of course we mourn the soldiers who had to give their lives, and this saddens us. (That is why would rather reduce So. Leb to rubble. One life lost on out side is such a tragedy, on a war that we did not want)

    So when you joining the Terrorists SNN?