Dear Jerusalem,

This is really hard for me to write, but it was time you knew. Things between us have not working out for some time, so I’m leaving you.

I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and I’ve just decided it’s time that I put down roots somewhere closer to the beachfront. Don’t blame yourself…it’s not you, it’s me. Tel Aviv and I have much more in common, and I hope that some day you find someone who’s particularly well-suited to your diversity and passionate–some would say “zealous”–enthusiasm for life. Me, I just want sand, surf and tall buildings so I can pretend I’m in New York and California at the same time. I want to be where the diplomatic action is, and live near my friends. So it’s time.

Wishing you all the best. You know you’re a great girl, and on some level, I’ll always love ya. But only as a friend. You know it’s probably best for both of us that way.

Keep in touch, girl!


Costa Rican Embassy

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  • I only scanned this at first (or should I say skimmed?)and thought you were resigning from being Jewlicious. *relief* BTW, see that you’re now slumming over at Gawker. It hasn’t been the same since Oxfeld got the ax.

  • Jews over Costa Rica are really pissed off on this one… I’m ashamed, I give my vote to this president…

  • Costa Rica has Jews? This is interesting? did they move their original embassy from TA, to Jerusalem, and back to TA? or was it always in Jerusalem?

  • Yep, CR have more than 5000 jews accounted (and some of us read jewlicious!), but in last three years some Israelis groups have come to live in remote beaches (Jaco, Malpais), as far I know accounting around 400 families.

    The Embassy has been always on Jerusalem if I recall correctly, even during the past mandate of Arias president (86-88). I believe his agenda now is start doing business with some Arab countries.

  • Correction, I just learned that the embassy was on TA from 80 to 82, when it was moved back to Jerusalem.

  • Diego – I spent a month in Costa Rica 2 years ago, and remain enchanted. Stupid embassy dealings aside, I love your country. Wear it in good health.