Endless articles have been written about how Mel Gibson’s a tool. Which is fair, but I think we all get the point by now. The only interesting thing to come out of this latest one, from Ynet, is that, for better or worse, Pink is Jewish. Ynet commentor “David” from Norway also considers this fact the most salient in the article. Wikipedia confirms that Pink so identifies. I’m generally not that fascinated by which celebrities are Jewish, but Pink is quite a surprise. Why is this relevant, other than to confirm that despite myself I hold some stereotypical views? Because Pink had better be nominated for the next poll of who’s the most desirable female Jewish celebrity. If only because the male Jewish Natalie Portman obsession is getting old.

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  • I love this blog, yet I’m a Scotch Irish Presbyterian double amputee who wears glasses and drives a 1975 Pontiac convertible.

    Am I wrong to enjoy this blog so much?

  • No SR. Phoebe lives in New York and is female. Michael lives in Jerusalem and is male. Phoebe is into 19th century French Jews, Michael is into hummus. Bit of a difference there.

  • If Pink is Jewish, I’ve just found the not-so-nice Jewish Girl to make this Kohen’s life happy.

    Break out the cup, cause I want to break some dinnerwear with her!

  • I’m delighted! She’s a half-breed like me—only her Mom is Jewish so she can fully declare herself. (My Dad came from Lithuanian Jewish stock also.) She’s absolutely a FANTASTIC performer—chalk another one up for the Jews–YEA!!!

  • What is it with you guys? Are you so insecure that you have to go around claiming “stars” for yourselves? Pink recently identified her heritage as Irish. Jewish sites have also identified plenty of rock stars as Jewish when it appears they’re not, according to their own histories. This includes David Bowie and Randy Bachman – and these are two I can readily recall. There are plenty more I’ve noticed over the years.

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