Sha'ban Abd Al-Rahim Though this is old, CK chastized the Muffti for not putting it up and so Muffti and so up it goes. Sha’ban Abd Al-Rahim, insane clown beloved Egyptian performer, gave an interview which is brought to you courtesy of MEMRI. He sings his classic anti-Denmark song along with a rather confusing song about the avian flu – check for yourself.

But best of all, really, is the following exchange:

nterviewer: Imagine that you are president of Egypt for three hours. Who would you appoint to be next to you? Who are the people that you think are good and can handle things? If you were president for three hours…

Sha’ban ‘Abd Al-Rahim: Let’s not talk about the role of president. Let’s go a little lower, because I don’t want to be president.

Interviewer: You prefer prime minister?

Sha’ban ‘Abd Al-Rahim: For example, prime minister, because being president is a huge responsibility. So let’s take a less senior role, for example, prime minister.

First of all, I would appoint my children. All of them. I have many children. I would make my son minister of whatever, and my second son too… I’d appoint them to all the ministries.

Interviewer: Which ministries do you have in mind?

Sha’ban ‘Abd Al-Rahim: For example, I would make my son minister of housing, so he could find me a great apartment to relax in.

Interviewer: But you already have an apartment, don’t you?

Sha’ban ‘Abd Al-Rahim: I want a bigger one. After all, I’m prime minister, my son is minister of housing, and you expect me to live in a smaller apartment than the one I have now?!

The man must party like a rockstar. Anyhow, for your viewing pleasure, Mr. Sha’ban ‘Abd Al-Rahim – click here. (It’s long but trust Muffti, it’s worth every insane moment).

To make this a little more relevant, you can click here to see another fine Egyptian entertainer belt out words of support and encouragment to Lebanon and Nasrallah such as “Attack Haifa and Tel Aviv, dear Nasrallah.” It’s good to know that war’s old friendly by-product, wonderful protest art, is alive and well in Egypt!

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  • Isn’t this the jerk who sang the “Fcuk Israel” song?

    Oh, don’t you just love our “cold peace” with Egypt? Where they officially love us, but their people hate us. Especially considering the Peanut Peace Process of Jimmy C ensures that Egypt has been building up their arms for over thirty years now… to fight who? Yes, that’s right Timmy. You guessed it.

  • Yeah, he’s a jerk and Egypt is an unpleasant mix of terrorists who hate us and a well armed state who, well, hate us. But, honestly, isn’t his existence justified by the extreme amusing-ness of that last song and the interview?

  • Sha’ban ‘Abd Al-Rahim is a clown and a riot. But all I do know is that whenever I was in Egypt, people were really extraordinarily nice to me. Sure there are undeniably a lot of haters, but the Egyptian government knows which side its bread is buttered on AND as more and more Egyptians get to know Jews, their relations with us are more and more warm and cordial. Don’t expect an imminent invasion from that neck of the woods any time soon.

  • Anyone else notice a resemblance to Gary Glitter here? I see Gary Glitter’s face wearing Elton John’s fashion.

  • Yeah, ck. They were nice to you. That’s because you were wearing a friggin’ cowboy hat, and cuddling a cute puppy! Who *wouldn’t* be nice to you?! Hell, even Ahmadinejad would pinch your cheeks if he saw you like that. :-p