Happy Holidays Sean!Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder Shawn Green, or as he’s known to his fellow members of the tribe, the Notorious J.E.W., has chosen to come to New York City, effectively, if not literally, choosing the Diamond District over the Diamondbacks.

“New York is head and shoulders the largest Jewish population in the country, if not the world, and it will be an interesting and fun experience for me,” he said. Or at least it will be until NY-area synagogues start battling for his contribution to their respective building funds.
As a Met, Green will play at Shea, where they have kosher hot dogs; although, as someone who played only one of his two Yom Kippur games, we’re not sure this matters.

Welcome to New York, Shawn!

(Via JTA)

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  • Title very clever indeed. Hopefully he will get out of his slump and represent for the yidden. Like I know anything about baseball. But really. the guy is a total shlumpster this year.

  • He I think his best days are over. Met fans should not get their hopes up. They still haven’t brought that extra starting arm that is needed to take the whole 24 carats. as in stick.

    Personally, my prediction is Mets make it to the series and lose in 6.

  • WOW! this blog is amazing, thank you so much for putting it up the web!

    As an Israeli so-called “gifted kid”, I was chosen to take part in a govermental program for improving the image of israel in the media, which if you didn’t know is really poorly misrepresented. We put on some sites, but a couple of students is only the begining.
    You’re deffenitely doing a “Mitzvah” here, so just keep writing and supporting us, a katyusha missile missed my house by about 10 metters, 150 people were murdered in this war by now, and yet I see news and people supporting the terrorists on hizzbulla and it just makes me sick.

    so, I just wanted to say that YOU ARE AMAZING! and if you are ever in Israel and needs someone to show you around or a place to stay, you keep contact me at any time.

    LOVE YOU Jewlicious!

  • Glad to see recently he has proved you wrong Steve.
    Tom, sorry you like him a lot less now that he is a Met, shows that maybe you’re not a baseball fan, just a team fan.
    I have always hated teh Yankees, but there have been Yankee players I have rooted for.
    “Hate the game not the player”.

  • Craig, start lowering those playoff expectations now. The team with the most ex-Red Sox will make it out of the NL. The Dodgers are hot.