jon_is.jpgIf the deity were human, what form would the manifestation take? A cigar-chomping old man? An angsty Canadian singer who tweaks your nose and stands on her head under a tree? A stranger on the bus trying to make his way home? Or would G-d look more like a snarky, Semitic fake news show host?

If you believe that G-d might be around 5’6 inches tall and be the eponymous host of a fake news show, you might be a Jonson. Or a Jonafarian. Or any other of a list of six or so names given to those among the devoted faithful who believe that Jon Stewart is god.

Of course, the key to any new religion is to a) start with a principle that already has some support among the people, b) create a website, and c) write a kick-ass theme song (which eludes both Scientology and Kabbalah to this day). In this case, A is a given. I think many people are ready to praise Jon as some sort of deity/human hybrid, especially among Our People. B’s done too, although the website looks pretty basic and unimpressive, sporting not a single picture of the purported deity–whether it’s due to copyright issues or to that “thou shalt not make a graven image” thing, it doesn’t say.

As to C, one suspects that the song–available for a listen here–might just be the sole reason for the movement. Why so suspicious of the motives of such a site? Let’s just say that if I got a dollar every time I read the words “available for download on iTunes in September” on this site, I’d have, like, a bunch of dollars. Plus, while the song itself might work as a punchline of a skit on The Daily Show–if this song ends up on “This Week in God” remember I predicted it first–musically and lyrically speaking, it’s no masterpiece. Not to mention its subtle but present and oddly violent message, spelled out, presumably so that children cannot understand it: Jon Stewart is God, worship him or die.” I’m as likely a person as any to proclaim Jon’s divinity, but I doubt JS would approve of acts of violence committed in his name. (Unless you consider the Death of Smoochy, which, as far as Jon’s involvement therein, is heavily documented.)
In short, whether or not Jon Stewart is God, we do have to begrudgingly admit that there’s a certain genius in creating a religious movement to serve as as backup singer for marketing your new single. Begrudgingly.
(Hat tip to Lilit, regularly of Jewschool, moonlighting over at the Beliefnet Idol Chatter blog)

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  • THe refrain is catchy. I still find it hard to understand what is really going on. Unless they don’t really believe in this stuff and are just trying to sell t-shirts. Ahaha! Its all for the money!

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