This video has already been removed from several places, so for many of you, it might be gone by the time you wake up and try to view it, but this is one of the funniest things I’ve seen this week.

In case they remove it, allow me to give a brief synopsis. Denis Leary is commenting on a Red Sox game and he learns that one of the players is Jewish, leading him to start making comments about Mel Gibson. And much of the funny ensues.

Watch it, and if the video is removed, I’ll try to reconstruct the gist of it for you. Yes, of course I’d do that for you… because I’m the poster who cares.

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  • I hate the Red Sox, but I loved this video. My favorite part is when Leary suggests that Jews are “one bottle of whiskey away from being Catholic.” I also enjoyed the suggestion that the Sox field an entirely Jewish team if/when Gibson comes to town.

  • Made the mistake of going to the game, so missed the NESN broadcast. Leary’s good, but so is Lenny Clarke.

    Leary used to teach, and a friend of mine took an English course from him at Emerson College. When my pal got his final paper back, Leary’d given him an A with the single handwritten comment, “nice wardrobe.”

    Sorry, Annie– Sox win, Papi homers, God’s in his heaven.

  • And they gave props to Gabe Kapler too, another member of the tribe (uh, as in Jewish, not the Cleveland Indians). Gabe even has a Magen David tattoo. And there’s that nice Theo Epstein, the GM…Go Sox!

  • ROTFLMAO!!! someone just turned me onto “The Job,” which i’d never heard of, and which now dominates my netflix queue — leary at his finest (with the possible exception of this video).