ben_mailman.jpgThe bad news first: the Israeli soldiers who were taken captive are still captives.

The good news: Gilad Shalit, captured on June 25th, wrote a letter to his father that was delivered by the Egyptians. In the letter, Shalit apparently claims that:

I feel fine and am being treated well…I hope to celebrate my next birthday at home…I miss you and think about you a lot.

Jpost reports that lab tests confirmed the authenticity of the letter. (Muffti isn’t really sure how lab tests can do this, but…) Of course, no lab test can confirm the accuracy of the letter’s contents but let’s hope that all is going better than expected for Shalit.

Shimon Peres had the following encouraging words:

I think it will be complicated, but finally I am sure he would be released.

No doubt the first part of that conjunction is true. Muffti hopes Peres is two for two on this one.

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  • Yes, good news. Even if a spiffy Ben Franklin had to deliver the mail, strangely enough. But I guess he’s the patron saint of Postal services the world over. Cheers, ‘VJ’

  • Why give any credibility to anything that a hostage says while in captivity, especially in Islamic terrorist captivity? Even if Gilead claimed that his captors were ‘homeys’ and that he was playing playstation with them all day in a safehouse on the Gaza beach, would it comfort us more?

    Doesn’t anybody remember that he has a gun pointed to his head or did we forget that he is only a 20 year old college age boy who we have no idea how he really feels?