shmuckMaybe it’s something in the air, I don’t know – first we had Ariel Beery vs. Dan Sieradski and now Richard Silverstein has seen fit to take on Little Green Footballs. Richard came out with this shocking revelation that “FBI agents visited Charles Johnson” after complaints from the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) who had been monitoring LGF’s comment section. Mr. Silverstein wrote:

I’d like to know what Chuck and the G-men talked about; and I’d like to find out what was the content of the LGF comments. Anyone reading this who can provide more information would be most appreciated.

Charles Johnson was quick to correct Silverstein’s innaccuracies:

The FBI did not “visit” me—I received two phone calls, both after CAIR filed complaints to harass LGF. The agents were very courteous, and the questions they had (about one comment that had been deleted months earlier and about some harassing emails sent without my knowledge) were handled very quickly and professionally. They were not “investigating anti-Muslim speech,” they were asking about two specific incidents that involved specific threats against one specific person—Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR… I’m sure this will come as a disappointment to Mr. Silverstein, but one agent specifically told me they were not in the business of policing free speech. There is no ongoing investigation. End of story.

Blog Wars for EstherThe story in LGF inspired 171 comments. Siverstein allowed 51 comments past moderation – more comments than his entire blog has received in months! Silverstein’s still trying to milk it with another post but it seems as if the Lizardoids have moved on. Sure, some LGF commenters are clearly nuts, but Silverstein is nothing short of pathetic. I disagree with his politics of course, but most of all I really detest his smug self-righteousness and his attention seeking histrionics. You may remember him from his whiny little episode complaining about how the JIBS unfairly excluded blogs like his. No one nominated him though. He could even have nominated himself. But why compete when you can whine?

You can read all about his latest rant-fest on LGF – that post contains all the relevant links.

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  • And don’t forget this “Silverstein whining to get attention and traffic” classic:

    “I want to be a writer for Global Voices Online in the Israel section because there aren’t enough progessive voices and they’re letting right wing fascist Lisa Goldman do it! And why aren’t there Israeli Arab bloggers? RACISM!!”

    “But you’re neither Israeli nor someone who lives in Israel so according to our policies you can’t be a writer for Israel. And as far as Israeli Arab bloggers, we’d love to have some, but there don’t seem to be any.”


    And so on.

  • This is nothing new. The man has a very clear agenda and refuses to consider the validity of the arguments of those who disagree with him.

  • Must be a busy day for CK, or we’d have a fabu, George Lucas-inspired “BlogWars” logo up there with this article.

  • yes, I am the ultimate bored and boring individual, lol. Love, Steves
    looked for y’all last Friday Machne Yehuda, nada.

  • what? did you follow the directions? the apartment in front of rachmo with the flags? i woulda bought you a beer for sure….

  • Call me “friggin Esther” all you want, but you gotta admit, that logo’s gonna be of endless use in the coming months.

  • The Little Dickie Silverstein Marching Song

    I am a little kapo,
    It makes my mommy mad,
    Cause when I am a kapo,
    Those Zionists get sad!

    I celebrate the jihad,
    and terror all the while,
    I fill my blog and web page,
    With loud salutes of Sieg Heil!

    I want to see them Zraelis,
    All dumped out in the sea,
    My swastika a waving,
    Cause everything’s bout me.

    (from the Kapostein blog)