Hitler in Bondage…ahh, what unrequited love will do.

A book written by Hitler’s only boyhood friend was recently translated in full into English, some of the revelations within include the fact that Hitler had a crush on a little Jewish girl he once saw. This 4 year long crush, during which he stalked, but never talked to the girl developed into obsessive macabre fantasy and utter delusion.

For it contains, for the first time, the full story of Hitler’s teenage obsession with a pretty girl called Stefanie Isak — whose surname has clear Jewish origins.

And although Hitler’s distinguished biographer Sir Ian Kershaw has rightly dismissed Hitler’s feelings for Stefanie as ‘a juvenile infatuation’, the passion with which Hitler stalked her and fantasised about kidnapping and committing suicide with her lets us glimpse the mentality of the person he was destined to become…

It was in the depression brought on by the news of Stefanie’s love of dancing that the Hitler of the future can suddenly be discerned: “He hit upon a crazy idea: he seriously considered kidnapping Stefanie. He expounded his plan to me in all its details and assigned to me my role. I had to keep the mother engaged in conversation while he seized the girl.”

After this plot was abandoned for lack of funds to live on after their elopement, Hitler considered suicide. “He would jump into the river from the Danube bridge,” he told Kubizek, “and then it would be over and done with. But Stefanie would have to die with him — he insisted on that.

“Once more, a plan was thought up, in all its details. Every single phase of the horrifying tragedy was minutely described.”

The full article provides more disturbing psychotic delusions of Hitler’s young mind. Not that we needed any more proof than the desire to wipe a people off the face of the earth, but Hitler was indeed a whack nut.

It of course begs the question, was it the crush and its unfulfilled fantasies that sparked Hitler’s hatred for the Jews, or, as the article asks, “did he therefore cynically invent his hatred of Jews as a useful vehicle for gaining power in post-Great War Germany?”

In either case, it doesn’t end there. A little further research will tell you that:

Hitler’s abnormal sexual development is an important factor in his behavior. “It is well known that Hitler’s sex life was bizarre. As a young man, he repressed direct sexuality and projected his erotic energy in grandiose fantasies. In his thirties, he was consistently attracted to young childlike women who clearly resembled his mother.

In fact,

Hitler had some sexual perversions so abhorrent to his women that it drove them to destroy themselves. In fact, of seven women who were intimately connected with Hitler, six committed suicide or seriously attempted to do so. Eva Braun made two attempts before her final effort succeeded.

Looks like little Stefanie Isak saved her self a world of pain by paying that creepy guy in the bushes no mind and marrying an army officer instead. The rub of it is that despite her Semitic last name, she actually turned out not to be Jewish, but the young Hitler didn’t know it at the time, and in fact, may never have. While this tells us that he had no particular animosity towards Jews at the time, the sickness of what would become his suicide-trailed sex life was certainly beginning to blossom.

So next time someone brings up how Hitler was a vegetarian, loved children (including his niece, who he reportedly made urinate on his face) or Wagner (as well as Wagner’s daughter in law and grandson), just remember, despite those “humanizing” elements, Hitler was a sick fuck. Literally.

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