I write lots. In many different places. I don’t cross-post everything that I write–I figure if people want to find me, they’ll do it themselves via Google, follow the links, or they’ll ask me, “Hey, Esther…where you at these days?”

But in case you’ve still got dial-up or are shy to ask me “s’up?…” I thought I’d tell you about this one place I’m hanging out these days–Beliefnet’s Idol Chatter blog. It’s a place where pop culture and discussion of religion and spirituality come together–as some might see it, an intersection between sacred and profane–and therefore, ’tis a place where I must be. (For other places where I must be, you can always see my “Recent Writings” section on EstherK.com.)
I posted a little bit over the summer. But September’s been a full-fledged post bonanza, with pieces on the new TV season (My Name is Earl, Grey’s Anatomy/ER) and musings on subjects like musician (and Tzadik Records founder) John Zorn’s Genius grant, and TV’s perception of the Jewish man

Feel free to stop over and join the discussion, or start your own here. It’s all part of the ever-expanding global conversation as we try to find meaning in the mundane, and see how public art reflects individual and collective spirituality.

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