fatwasubishiSince Laya is Talking About Jesus Camp, Muffti will happily post this so-sad-it’s-funny story. Dennis Mitsubishi, a dealer in Columbus Ohio, produced a radio ad in which they proclaimed a ‘jihad’ on the American auto market, offering toy swords to kids who come with their parents to look at cars on ‘Fatwa’ fridays. Prior to airing, the Ohio branch of CAIR contacted them. The dealership relented claiming:

A large number of people have contacted us. Lots of them have seen the humor we were trying to convey, but far too many were clearly bothered by it. This was simply an attempt at humor that fell short.”

CAIR, for their part, handled things (apparently) fairly graciously. Spokesperson for the Ohio chapter, Andnan Mirza, said:

We appreciate the dealership’s constructive reaction to feedback about the proposed advertisements…We accept the apology… and hope that it and the decision not to air the spots will bring this incident to a close.

Muffti hopes so too. Of course, no doubt, the new ad reads:

‘Come to Jewy January and buy a Mitsubishi! We’re circumsizing the price on all our 2006s and including a gentile baby with each purchase for you to slaughter and make Matzah!’

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  • OK, now I’m laughing. Thank you for your modest automotive proposal, GM!

  • Nina, I could be offended by your offense at Muslims getting offended once again, but that just takes too much friggin’ energy, and I’m fasting. Suffice to say that stereotypes, especially ones that suggest that a group is violent, are never cool. I wasn’t thrilled when a landlady I had suggested that I might do her harm because I’m black, and I’m not thrilled when people suggest that I might do them harm because I’m Muslim, just as I get downright pissed at people who suggest that my mum is sneaky or cheap because she’s Jewish.

  • I’m offended that your offended by my comment. Thanks for proving me right.

  • Er, Nina, did I say that I was offended? No, I did not. I hate quoting myself, but here goes: “I could be offended by your offense at Muslims getting offended once again, but that just takes too much friggin’ energy, and I’m fasting.”
    For those of you who couldn’t hack reading comp: when I say that I could be… followed by a but I’m… that means that what I am mentioning is NOT going on. If I say, I could be eating chocolate cake, but I don’t have any, does that mean that I am eating chocolate cake? No. In fact, the mild swear used in reference to the whole chain of offenses indicates that I’m quite sick of the whole thing.
    CK, I don’t have a link, but it’s been all over- in newspapers and online.

  • Being Muslim means never having to say YOU’RE sorry. When are we going to hear the so-called moderate Muslims ask for an apology from their
    own radical Clerics for trashing their religion, eh?

    Better yet, when are we going to hear anything from the so-called moderates in this religion, besides demands…..no threats, for apologies.

  • Jim, moderates have always been speaking- delivering fierce condemnations of extremists, encouraging Muslims to embody the best of morals and social conduct, urging mutual respect and understanding. Progressives have been doing the same, but in smaller numbers. My question is, when are you going to start listening to them? Do you open the emails from ISNA and/or MAS? Have you read the press releases from MCC, CMU, and PMUNA?
    Or do you not even know the moderate or progressive Muslims that you complain about?

  • That’s funny. I was there yesterday. My friend bought an ’07 eclipse.

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