Worst than terrorists

So remember in 2002 when Islamic terrorists set off bombs in nightclubs in Bali killing 220 people? Well, turns out that the alleged leader of the operation just got out of prison. Abu Bakar Bashir was in jail for 26 months for conspiracy in the bombings. Since he got out he’s been all over the place preaching his particular theology. He claims that images of naked or semi-naked woman on television are sinful and chip away at the moral fiber of Muslim believers.

“So, if I am asked which is more dangerous, naked women or the Bali bombs, then my reply is of course those women in skimpy clothes,” Antara quoted him as saying at a public rally calling for the imposition of Islamic law in Indonesia.

He has previously urged the relatives of the victims of the Bali bombing to convert to Islam. So uh… thanks Abu Bakar Bashir. Now I know that really we ought not be combating terrorism but rather we should be engaged in a war on dangerous hot chicks.

Source: Jerusalem Post
Hat tip to reader Shlomo T. who somehow just knew this would be a story we’d print.

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  • There’s a popular t-shirt in NY: “Boobs, not bombs.” That indicates that boobs are an acceptable weapon of destruction. So Bashir is right.

  • Nakia, question about moderate Muslims. Are you up for it? (I ask because I don’t want you to feel singled out).

  • Well, I’m not a moderate, I’m a progressive, but I do know many moderate Muslims. If I can’t answer your question, I’ll be happy to try to direct you to someone who might. Ask away!

  • Can I pipe in with a question of my own? Mind clarifying difference between moderate and progressive in the Muslim context?

  • Okay, after you answer Laya’s question, I have been doing some reading. From what I can tell, every Muslim is bound by their faith to strive to change the society in which they live into one that functions according to Islamic law (Sha’aria).

    In some cases, it is clear that the Muslim community isn’t large enough to effect such change, regardless of the political system in which they live, and therefore are expected to abide by the society’s laws as long as they remain devout Muslims. However, once the numbers can begin to have a larger impact on the surrounding society, then it is legitimate to seek to change its laws.

    Second, my understanding is that the key difference between those who are considered to be the Jihadists or Islamists and those whom we call moderates is that the former have come to believe that in fact Islam and Muslims are being challenged by the West and therefore a physical and warlike response is merited, and in some cases they believe that a violent approach is best for changing the laws of the society around them.

    On the other hand, as I understand it, moderates believe that if they seek inward spiritual attainments while their Muslim society grows, eventually they will be able to peacefully influence the larger society’s laws and achieve a state of Islamic law. While this doesn’t entirely rule out a physical struggle, since that is legitimate according to Muslim faith, the moderates consider this option – that of a physical struggle – to be a form of last resort.

    Is this a fair analysis?

  • No Middle. There is no such thing as a Moderate Muslim. By its very nature, they are into it, they hate you.
    They hate you, they support efforts to kill you, and the west.
    They feel this way, bec. their religion tells them that you are an infidel, a low level animal that must be be-headed.
    The only answer is to strike them down first.
    Sooner or later, it will come down to that.
    Leave the “Nadia’s” of the world to their own misrable life.

  • You would think. But I have a sneaky suspicion that had I inquired instead about Roman Catholicism, he would have provided us with an expert opinion on that as well. So therefore I can only conclude he’s Roman Catholic.

  • Esther: What-ev. You NY’ers think that you’re so hip. Well, that expression is common in Berkeley, but at least over here the women have the balls guts to paint it on their body; sans shirt. 🙂

    Oh yeah. Also, the woman that CK features here doesn’t count under Shari’a Law, as she is obviously a cyborg. She’s plugged in! Thanks for your cultural sensitivity, CK. Kind Muslim readers of Jewlicious; feel free to oogle at her to your eye’s content!

  • Dude, let them prove their moderate levels before you lick their boots.
    Let me see one rally for peace on the west bank amongst the Palis. One rally demanding an end to terrorism.
    One rally like that anywhere in the world.
    Why don;t you ask your friends if they would organize this rally?
    What is your sickness middle that you cannot stop your self from displaying your Jew hatred, because someone is not the good little liberal that you are? Have I attacked you ever, ever, ad hominem as you attack me? I am talking about the issues on the post, or in the case of American Apparel an important aside, but never have I attacked middle.

  • Laya, I suppose that a quick n’ dirty definition of progressive in a Muslim context vs. moderate would put moderates in the center, progressives to the left of center. ISNA is a moderate Muslim organization, while ICNA is conservative Muslim organization, and the Canadian Muslim Union is progressive. For example,moderates tend to be leery of women as religious leaders, but are comfy with a woman in a secular leadership role. Progressives welcome women in all roles, whereas conservatives have more curtailed roles for women. Progressives are somewhat more conservative than liberals, believing that religion does have an important role in daily life and in the public sphere.
    TM, that’s pretty much on, except for the physical struggle part. Moderates and progressives believe in a just war theory that prohibits attacks on non-combatants, and self-defense, defense of another that cannot defend themselves, or defense of one’s right to practice one’s own religion are the ONLY acceptable reasons for war.
    Both moderates and progressives believe that the role of religion in the public sphere cannot infringe upon the rights of others. Therefore, any Islamicization of legal codes would either take place by a democratic process, and would focus on Muslim’s right to practice their religion- think of anti-discriminiation laws, and accomodations for holidays, etc. No Muslim in their right mind is trying to aim for much more.

  • Everyone missed the valuable point here. This is a complete triumph for our much vaunted ‘catch & release’ terrorist program, (re-started once again in 2001 in Afghanistan). We only willingly detain the innocent, the rest get to walk. Bashir should have been executed, but he’s got a powerful political movement behind him, so he gets the ‘get out of jail free card’ from a valuable US ‘ally’. Cheers, ‘VJ’

  • The two 90%+ Muslim regions where I’ve traveled both have overall secular laws (e.g. northern Senegal). Didn’t get to talk theology with too many people, but those I did seemed to fit with a talk I heard by a theologian from Beirut, gist was: jihad is the struggle within yourself to do good and not evil. (Perhaps some similarity to resisting the yetzer hara?) Heard lots of jokes (including some offers) about needing to keep polygamy legal, but that was present in many Sahelian societies before they adopted Islam. I say northern Senegal, bc the religious mix is different in the southern region, but it’s up north where they have the power… and it seems like another data point fitting with Nakia’s overview.

    For people curious about Sharia and women’s rights– this summary fits pretty well with my impressions of W. African governments and religion:

  • Nakia, how do conservative Muslims view the issues you refer to? And what is the relative strength of moderates/progressives/conservatives within Muslim culture in the West?

    I’m encouraged by your belief that Islam and pluralism can coexist– that (some? most?) Muslims merely seek the freedom to practice their religion within a non-discriminatory culture. Yet, the Western notion of civil society seems increasingly unpopular among young, devout Muslims in open societies like Britain. One fears for the future of coexistence when the UK, for example– not just oppressive Middle Eastern regimes– becomes a breeding ground for terrorism and anti-Semitism.

    (btw, we Roman Catholics simply want Muslims and Jews to permit us to, uh, “date” prior to marriage, without our parents finding out about it. Is that cool?)

  • Conservative Muslims tend to prefer a greater role for religion in the public sphere, e.g. they may
    be in favor of banning same-sex marriage, restricting abortion, and are generally a Muslim version of Rush Limbaugh and his crew. They tend to favor traditional roles for women, an authoritarian view of faith, and other hallmarks of conservatism.
    The UK has a very different Muslim population than the US- it developed differently, and tends to be poorer, more recently immigrated, and generally disadvantaged on average.
    Er, what Roman Catholics do is none of my business, until:
    1. It takes place on my lawn,
    2. It involves me, with or without my consent,
    3. It involves my loved ones, or negatively affects someone who cannot defend themselves.
    So, if you want to date, and your date is a consenting adult, and you’re not dating me, or coming to my house, why the heck should I get involved, beyond wishing you well, or perhaps suggesting a good restaurant?

  • Well, hey, Tom, if you’re asking, you should be more upfront than that. I don’t, however, look anything like the photo that illustrates this article.

  • Well, Nakia, we have some differences to bridge here. Anyone who dates me has to agree to the installation of a Mary-on-a-half-shell on the front lawn.

    You should be relieved you don’t look like the model above– I think she’s had portions of her, hmm, upper anatomy deleted via Photoshop (the better to keep those uncontrollable male impulses under control)….

    A blessed holiday to all sitemates!

  • The sides of the hips where the Bikini string would normally go has got to be the sexiest part of a woman’s body, IMO of course. Huba huba!

  • Well, it’s the quality of the work I’d be worried about- no cheap knockoff Marys, and I personally prefer the morena “Guadalupe” look. And being black, I’m partial to curvaceous glutes. Although Alex Wek’s legs should probably be classified as weapons of mass delectation.
    OK, happy holidays, everybody! *Mwah*

  • Looks like from the last couple comments (this post and ck’s “9/11 fault of…” post) that a certain weasel of the anti-semitic persuasion is highjacking our comment names to spread the filth.

    Sh’na Tovah to ya, ya prick.

  • OK, see, what I want to know is: what’s up with all these pale Jewlicious babes? Ya’ll couldn’t find any Maghrebi Jewlicious cuties? No Falasha foxes? Blondes and redheads are cool, but they aren’t the only or necessarily the best looking babes that the Jewish world has to offer.