“What? Esther’s on Sheinkin Street? I thought she was in NYC! How’s that possible?”

Good questions, yeladim. But with the internet, anything’s possible. For instance, you can visit the shops and see the personalities of Tel Aviv’s famous Sheinkin Street without ever leaving your apartment.

In addition to the site’s information about (including a virtual tour of) the cafes and stores that make up this hip area, I recommend you check out the videos section, where you can see Sheinkinians wish everyone a shanah tovah, where you can see the wacky Emily interview random people on the street, where you can find out what people get their lovers for the annual Love Festival, where you can see Asaf make pizza and compare it to smacking a–well, I’ll let you discover that.

Also of interest, in the magazine section, you can learn that actress Evelyn Ha’goel likes Sheinkin because on “Shimchat Torah” [sic], she gets to dance with the Breslavers in a “striking Trance show.” Well, it makes sense, since her last name means “the redeemer.” Plus, she played “Bruria” on “Pick-up,” an Israeli soap opera.

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  • Actually, the entire area there is less popular than it used to be. I was recently there extensively earlier this month.

    If you ask me, the city is not keeping the place clean enough to be taken really seriously.

    Also there are very few new stores there and there has been little expansion of the area.

    The Port area of Tel Aviv is the most hip area at this time.

    People gather every evening to watch the sun set at the Mediteranean. You can’t beat that.

  • I wonder if they know about marmelade. I made the jim dandiest tzimmes by cooking carrots, raisins, a few dates and a clove in most of a jar of marmelade with some water, honey and a little ginger. I wonder if the secret of life is marmelade. It kept well on the warming tray over the chag, too. Made the house smell good, too.

  • alright, Steve, if that is your real name…:)

    the Namal is cool, but nothing beats staring at beautiful Israeli mammas on Friday afternoon. All I gotta say is: God bless the inventor of the tank top!

  • I don’t know what you are talking about Encino, lol.

    It’s OK, just that the Namal area is much more pleasant to stroll around. I can’t see how it will not surpass all the others.

    Then as well, it is so near to the North Dizengoff eateries and bars. This is more quiet than Sheinkin but much nicer imo.

    What is nice w/Sheinkin is how close it is to the Carmel Shuk, to the Shabbazi area, even to get to Yaffo. I happen to like this part of Tel Aviv, it is fairly unknown, non-descript. It reminds me more of Israel from years back.

    The Carmel shuk has some wonderful items for sale more than any other Shul in Israel.

    Here you will find pomegranite fruit already stripped of the pulp for example. Prices are the best as well.

    JM, when we going to see you on the Food Network?

  • Steve Ricks, you’re a dipshit, im sorry. i hate to be harsh here, but lets talk about how cool we are that the coolest spot in tel aviv isn’t ‘cool’ enough for us. oh man i spent some time there, u know fuck you man 🙂 ha ha ha

  • Sheinkin Shmenkin! I’ll take Jerusalem’s Malcha Mall over both Sheinkin AND the new Port!

  • I mumble a one-sentence recipe occasionally, because home-made food is serious. I am not a foodie. I am mostly into dill and marmalade. I am a normal ignorant modern woman.

  • Jon C. you are an ass and a moron. and you can’t read. Like others on JL, you want to stifle an observation. Apparently you haven’t been there, bec. the place is not maintained well. Sorry, but we should be able to make municipal criticisms, if we live there or not. As it happens, my family owns an apartment building near to Sheinkin st. that was bought by my Grandfather. So while we are waiting out the key money tenants, I have a room there that I use when I am fortunate to be in Israel, so I have been there more than you sir Filthy mouth and soul.

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