Bring 'em homeLast night in Tel Aviv, 60,000 Israelis rallied at Rabin Square demanding the release of three Israeli soldiers held by terrorists in Lebanon and Gaza. Reservists Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev were captured by Hizballah 51 days ago in an incident that sparked the 34 day war in Lebanon. Cpl. Gilad Shalit has been held by Hamas-linked militants in the Gaza Strip since June 25.

Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau, the chief rabbi of Tel Aviv and a former chief rabbi of Israel, stood side by side with MK Ran Cohen (Meretz) in a rare show of unity. Religious protesters stood with secular ones, and settlers stood with kibbutzniks. Demonstrators calling for a state inquiry commission joined those who object to it, as all called for the soldiers’ release.

Glodwasser’s wife Karnit addressed the crowd and her husband: “The love of my life, I miss you dearly. Soon, on Oct. 14, we will celebrate our first anniversary. I’m waiting for you here in the small home we just started creating.”

The little sign in the window of Beit Hama’alot (site of Jerusalem’s first high rise condo and elevator, built in 1935) on King George Street in Jersalem stands as a reminder that we not forget these soldiers. It’s quiet now as Jerusalem prepares for Shabbat. I wonder what Ehud, Eldad and Gilad are up to…

Horse Park
Even Horse Park is quiet…

Machaneh Yehudah
Jerusalem’s central market. In 15 minutes this will all be empty.

Oh and Michael shaved his beard and head. He looks like a little boy. Stay tuned as I will get a photo of this. Shabbat shalom all y’all.

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