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pink-swastika2_1.jpgThankfully, white power groups are the fringe, rather than the norm, of western society. Curiously, the fringe itself has fringes and this weak, err, week, Muffti brings you a glance at one particularly odd fringe. Given that white power groups typically display an extreme aversion to homosexuals and homosexuality, you might be surprised to learn that there are indeed gay white power groups. Muffti certainly was! However, they exist and here is one of them: ARCO, or the American Resistance Corps. Their title, granted does not indicate any sexual preference. Nor is there any fabulous ‘interior decorating’ on the site itself. Nonetheless, a careful look reveals that ARCO indeed has a wing devoted to gay white power. In particular, they swallowed up the Gay White Racialist Network.

So, you may be wondering, what drives Gay Racialists? Extreme self hatred? Extreme irrationality? Desire to create an identity based on difference from those that hate you? Boredom? ARCOrg explains:

In May of 1999, a group with the initials ARC was founded by an American skinhead with the help of a Canadian skin who were dissatisfied with the state of the skinhead nation (so to speak). These two skins were both firm believers in white racialism. They also happened to be gay. The founding of ARC was a response to the two extreme ends of the skinhead scene. On the one hand, there were gay skinheads who denied racialism and on the other hand, there were non-gay racialists who advocate group hatred for gays. ARC set out upon a course to find (eventually) a way to force gay skinheads to recognize racialism as the true beginning and embodiment of skinhead culture and to also make it known to straight skinheads that there were decent gay skinheads already among them in the movement who didn’t want validation but simply wanted acceptance for their common goals…

Good luck with that! It’s nice to see some crazy intolerant bastards try to foster some tolerance and acceptance amongst, well, crazy intolerant bastards!

Muffti is mystefied. Take a breezy journey through former winners of theHate Site of the Weak awards and you will see some rather virulent anti-gay sentiments. In response to a quote by infamous Aryan leader Tom Metzger regarding Gays (though he uses a traditionally more derogatory term usually), ARCO claims:

If only the JDL, Orthodox and Conservative Jewish synagogues were as “liberal” as Metzger! Unfortunately the hard core of the Jewish community, Orthodox Jews in the Unites States and in Israel still support stoning gay men to death, and they would do it today if they didn’t need us for their “coalition”.

The ‘coalition’ turns out to be a coalition which “[l]ink[s] gays, Jews, blacks, and (more recently) “latinos” solidifies voting patterns for the democratic party.” (They don’t seem to see the irony of mixing the left of Judaism with the extreme right they cite as potential stoners!)

Wierd – but may be they ARE onto something? Is it really best to join them if you can’t beat them? Maybe Jewlicious should start up its own group: Jews Engaged in Racialism (JEW)! We can crib ARCO’s mission statement. Just to realize how creepy it is, read a version with ‘JEW’ replacing ‘ARCO’ and ‘jew’ replacing ‘gay’ (correct for grammar accordingly!) Muffti tried it – it’s wierd.

One last creepy point: while they aren’t easy to find, and many sites have shut down, Gay racialists have been around for a while. Here’s a short list of sites, coming from an article at SPLCenter:
Gays Against Semitism
Gay Nazi WP [White Power] Fetishists
Gay Aryan Neo-Nazi Skinheads
Nazi Muscle
Diapered Skinheads.

Happy birthday Kenny!

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  • What is this obsession everyone has with
    finding the only gays that do bad things and pointing it out?
    Mark Foley, Gay Supremicists.. It’s part of an agenda.

  • Well… gay nazis, odd but not so much. Rudolph Hess one of Hitler’s closest friends was totally gay. People would call him Fraulein Hess behind his back. Also Ernst Rohm was a total homo and the SA which he ran had a mostly gay leadership. The Night of Long Knives when the SA leadership was shot by Hitler and the Gestapo happenned in part because Hitler sought to squelch rumours that he himself was queer. Prior to that Nazi policy towards homosexuals was fairly liberal – but afterwards it was homo-holocaust where thousands of gay mmen were sent to concentration camps.

    But I think that initial gay vibe never left. I mean on one hand they murdered people for being gay but then you had an artist as the political leader, uniforms designed by Hugo Boss and seriously – don’t those neo nazis just look smashing when they’re all dressed up with their swastikas and spiffy uniforms foaming at the mouth about Jewish conspiracy this and niggras that! Even I, a lifelong and dedicated heterosexual (except for a few weeks in the early 80s when like, everyone was gay) can’t help think “Mmmm… yummy man meat!” when witnessing one of these brave manly Nazis or those cute nazi skin heads in their thin, tight white t-shirts.

    So uh… yeah. Whackiness, eh?

  • Muffti agrees to a certain extent, and their is some work done on not insignificant homosexual and homoeroticism amongst top Nazis. And Rohm was indeed shot partly because he was gay (though HItler had obvious political reasons for doing it.)

    Part of what is wierd is that the white power folk seem to have adopted a Christian ethic that fules their homophobia (that, or some vaguely ‘naturalist’ ethic that deems homosexuality ‘unnatural’). And Nazis were generally not especially openly gay – they tended towards the closet for obviously political reasons. It’s a little strange that a group would bear any love for a political group that at least officially sought their extermination!

  • Thumbs up on the epigraph-quote tip of the hat to Jane’s Addiction (& fellow MOT Perry Farrell), gm!

  • Logic? Somebody expects some sort of linear consequential logic from hate groups, republicans, born again christians, muslim fundementalists, religious leaders of all kinds or the human race in gemeral?
    All “believers” are practiced in the art of “double think” and the mismatch of their own personal reality. They are, to misguote from (I think) “Alice in Wonderland”, capable of believing (and thinking, saying and practicing) dozens of impossible things before breakfast, it goes with the territory of blatant and proud stupidity.
    By the way, I hope you are back to blogging here regularily, your particular input and counterbalnce has been sorely missed (by me at anyway). I thought you had been discretely closeted because of the Lebanon emergency.

  • Muffti is a big ol JA fan, Becca!

    JC, that is the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to Muffti! Muffti has made a career and geographical move that has sort of taken up most of his time and interest for the last while (including finishing a dissertation) so he’s been kidna sidelined. Hizbollah, fortunately, had nothing to do with it 🙂

    And that was a terrific paraphrase of Alice in Wonderland! 🙂