Hate Sucks

Shaved heads meet hair in the mix
Blending the 80’s and 90’s with hate
Put in position to wage teenage mayhem
A common affair for the ones who are juiced

simmons.jpegOur latest winner of the coveted HSOW award is Skinheadz. The site is elegently designed, replete with cartoonish images of skinheads doing various skinheady activities (carrying baseball bats, waiving american flags and singing at a microphone). The site contains a forum, news archive, a ‘skins in action’ section and even a ‘who’s who’ section.

Who are these skinheadz and what do they do? Well, on the who’s who page you can find pictures of some skinz invovled with the site, pictures of some ‘martyrs’ to the cause, and a sort of ‘hall of fame’ of skinheadz along with their ‘achievements’. For instance, we can all be proud of Jason Simmons for his efforts in organizing a skinhead essay contest and Brent Postlewait, first nationally prominent skinhead tv-personality.

The rest of the site is full of articles on a wild and wide assortment of topics. The themes, however, become evident fairly quickly. Here’s a few excerpts.

From ‘The Best Thing that Ever Happened’:

became a Skin for two reasons. First, I love my country. Second, I was tired of us being taken over by Negroes, Mexicans and all the rest. The “last straw” was when a Mexican actually moved next door to me, in rural Kentucky, of all places.

From ‘Anti-Alien Offensives’:

Let us demonstrate, agitate and congregate for an all-American America, where Orientals, Africans, Mexicans and Jews “go home,” whether born here or not. Our logic and patriotism drowns out their clamor and treason. The “big one” Jason wants is not just some stroll down a boulevard, but our march to power. We’re on our way.

From ‘Debunking Skinhead Stereotypes’:

I was once invited to be on the Sally Rafael Show, but after producers perused The Nationalist Movement website, of which I was one of the officials, and spoke to me on the phone, they advised that I was “not really what they were looking for,” since I was not advocating violence, using profanity or slinging the “N” word. They, later, said that I sounded “too intellectual.”

So what can we learn about skinheadz from all this? A great deal if we take the time to listen to them in their own words. On that note, let the Grand Muffti leave you with a final snippet, from ‘Brother Avenging Brother’:

My father taught me that “white-is-right” and nothing else. Until my brother was killed, I had never, until that point, felt any animosity towards anyone. I knew that non-whites were social-parasites and that they didn’t belong here, but I had never felt the pride and love for my people and blood, as I do now. I want to make a difference. That’s why I’m here. I’ll go to any lengths to make sure that change for the better comes about.

Chilling words. Worst of luck to ya, mate!

Oh yeah, on the off chance you want to join these psychos, click here.

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  • I saw a whole special on this, featuring the people in those pictures. You guys should give them a taste of their own medicine – deflate their tires a little. Why not use their swastika symbol against them? Jews should use it – if you guys started using their same symbol, there goes its power. No more Muslims and skinheads offending you with its use. Buddhists have always used it, and still do, long before H and his friends came along.

  • About the Kentuckian; maybe he should think about how the mexicans felt when Kentuckians like Davy Crocket moved next door to them in rural texas, killed them and stole the country and are still running it today as a “cracker” homeland which still doesn´t much respect the humanity and rights of mexican greasers (among others).
    Oh what´s the use, the skinhead idiot wouldn´t get the irony and of course thinks that whatever the circumstances “white makes right”.
    Can you imagine what tecnological and economic wonders our world have if these idiots ran it?

  • MY conscience has been bothering me all day…
    I shouldn´t sink to the level of our masterrace skinheads just to make a few points. So here goes:
    Davy was of course not from Kentucky but Tennessee ( Daniel Boone was from Kaintuk, and probably never ever met a mexican much less killed one, he stuck mostly to stealin´from and massacreen´ useless redskins) and probably Kentuckians shouldn´t be refered to as “crackers” (at least not in the original usage of the word). Maybe “peckerwoods”, although I suspect thats a term for whites from Georgia. It´s hard to know just which denigrating slur is applicable to which white southern state master race group. Mybe we need our own hate site for clarification?
    Sigh, I thought it was pretty satisfying rant originally but the truth will out.

  • hehehe…JC, you funny. Muffti hasn’t ever heard the term ‘peckerwood’. Maybe the key is to avoid denigrating slurs…bt don’t get down on your ranting!

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