A celebrity spews religious epithets after being pulled over by police for drunken driving. Ring any bells? Not so fast…
In another example of “ripped from the headlines” followed by “don’t worry, it’s fiction and isn’t based on any event because we don’t want to get sued,” CNN reported that an upcoming episode of Law & Order will feature the above plotline, with Chevy Chase in the role of drunken bigot. Here’s the complete article, with (and this part made me laugh) an explanation of who Chevy Chase is. (Missing from the bio? He also played a “Land Shark.”)

Law & Order is being very careful to deny that this incident is in any way based on real events. Best way to find out for sure? Let’s get the L&O legal team drunk…

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  • And next week, on a special “Will and Grace Reunion” watch as the cast reunites as Jack takes a job on Capitol Hill as Congressman Foley’s new intern!

  • Get ready for the next one, Esther: high-profile celebrity/pol, desperate to elude the baying wolves of the media, enters rehab for something for which he has no need of rehab, a la Rep. Foley.

    Now THAT’S an intriguing story line.

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