Like any good Israeli, I’ve gone East. I’m currently in Bangkok, Thailand and about to spend Shabbat with Chabad. Bangkok is an amazing city, and I feel right at home, given that not only do you hear more Hebrew here than on Ben Yehuda, but almost every Thai who I’ve told I live in Israel immediately says “ahh, Shalom, mah nish mah?.”

In any case, you can see pics from my first two days of Eastern adventure here.

More next week.

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  • I remember that I finally felt like a real Israeli when I travelled to India. Have a great time and don’t miss the thai massages! I hear that it is amazing.

  • Is Rabbi Kantor still there? Had many a good time down the block at the Shangri-La. Enjoy.

  • Don’t forget to have some Krating Daeng with whiskey in an authentic setting…

  • For the best food in BKK go to Pahurat (Little India) at the end of Burapa junction in Yaowahrat (Chinatown) cost about 60 Baht by taxi if you are in Kao San area. They have a bunch of places around the Indian Emporium, a small Mall next to the big Sikh Temple.

    The best one in my humble opinion is Mamas, 436, Chakraphet Road Wangburaparirom 02 623 9936. air conditioned everything made to order, large portions and not expensive. Is best to go with a group everything is ala carte and u wanna get 4 or 5 dishes so need to share it out. Tandoori roti and nan (pita/Iraqi Pita) will more than satisfy your bread cravings. You will understand after a week or 2 in Thailand. With drinks you are looking at a bill of around 600 baht and you probably will not finish it all. Eentrees are from 60 – 120 baht. Paneer taka tak is like 100 baht and that is one of their premium signature dishes also dal makni is like 60 Baht. If you go to Sukomvit/Kao San you will pay 3-5 times as much, portions are smaller, not as well made and the bread is bs made from the usual thai flour it is very dry and as soon as it cools down it becomes a cracker not bread.

    Also they have a lot of bakeries down there so Indian sweets, Halva, Gulab Jamun, Malpua, Rasgulla, Burfi are about 250 Baht per Kilo. You’ll wanna take some back to Israel with you. great gifts. Again Mama is one of the best.