OK, so Bush didn’t use the word bashert. But in this report from the Washington Post, announcing that Natan Sharansky would be retiring from politics, it noted a previous comment by the US President that gives us the idea that George W. likes Natan as more than a political friend.

Sharansky’s lackluster domestic political fortunes contrasted with his success abroad, where he caught Bush’s attention with his book, “The Case for Democracy: The Power of Freedom to Overcome Tyranny and Terror.” Bush invited Sharansky to the White House to discuss it and has called Sharansky his “soul mate,” citing him as an inspiration for Washington’s campaign for worldwide democracy.

Sharansky, who you may remember was a Russian refusenik who made aliyah and went into politics, only to resign his Cabinet post as a protest of last year’s withdrawal from Gaza, is rumored to be taking up residence at The Shalem Center as a research fellow, but The Shalem Center hasn’t confirmed this yet. Maybe our friends at Blogs of Zion will have more information for us soon…

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  • I am not suprised Sharansky ended up in the Shalem Center.They are peas in pod. He really gave Bush bad advice with his ‘democratic states don’t make wars’ idea. Just look at Iraq today. I tried to discuss his ideas in my post of 9/18/06.

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