Follow me here. The Burg is an online sitcom about a group of hipsters who live in Williamsburg. It’s kind of like a Hipster friends, or as Gawker put it “like Rent, only instead of AIDS, some of them have trust funds.” One of the episodes has the distraught Hipsters looking for a new bar to hang out in as their current haunt, Office (a former office) is overtaken by friggin’ NYU students. They consider Slaughterhouse (a former slaughterhouse), Firestation (a former firestation) and Animal Hospital. They try Bathroom (a former bathroom) and Gym (an actual Gym) before they hear about a party where one of the female hipsters, a struggling actress, got a job as a dancer. The bar is called Temple and the party is a Bar Mitzva with entertainment by DJ Shlomo. Watch as hilarity ensues.

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As a side note, DJ Shlomo, despite his payis, is not shomer negiyah, the party has mixed dancing and the bubbe is wearing pants, so can I assume this is some kind of indie minyan Bar Mitzva? Watch the video and figure it out:

See more videos at The Burg and remember, “[t]he height of hipsterism is when hipsters make fun of hipsters, but in a really hipster way.” Yeah whatever. I’m gonna go listen to the Fratellis now (the track is called Henrietta from the album Costello Music – but you’d already know that if you were cool).

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  • I find it rather ironic that “priority one” is to get the boys dancing with the girls.

    Also, who gets a Jewish DJ?

  • Okay, it’s funny. But it’s also really annoying to keep getting the Active X control pop-up coming up and then the MIME box opening EVERY TIME I open the Jewlicious homepage because of this video.

  • TM – use Firefox. Stop with the Internet Exploiter Explorer and all will be fine!

  • Why?

    I mean, I like to use Firefox sometimes, but I use IE a great deal as well. I’m positive we have a ton of readers who also use IE and are getting sick of having the same thing happen to them if their settings are similar to mine. Seriously, this is a big hassle.

  • your mime type window, even in IE, ought not pop up every time you visit the page. Just once. Your settings are obviously messed up. Also Firefox is far less prone to hacks, viruses and Spyware. Also it renders faster and its cooler, unless by using Explorer you were trying to be ironical and retro. Then it would be ok.

  • My settings may be screwed up, but then again they may be fine since I only seem to get this MIME type window when I get a Quicktime video wanting to get its hairy armpits into my system.

    In any case, too many sites were rendered incorrectly for me on Firefox so I stopped using it.

    As for being ironical and retro, I can only wish.

    If it’s okay with you, I’m not returning to this discussion any more cuz it’s forcing me to click on the Active X and MIME boxes every time.

  • I’m glad I accidentally got to this page. This video runs on its own and starts up every time I now go to the JL homepage. Any way to start this up paused?

    BTW, I’m using IE and no AX or box popups.